Warren Wilson College - Master's Degree

Warren Wilson College (WWC) is a private four-year liberal arts college near Asheville, North Carolina, in the Swannanoa Valley. Warren Wilson is the country’s only liberal arts college with a national student body and integrated work and service programs.

School Description

Warren Wilson College went through many phases before becoming what it is today. Its property, situated along theSwannanoa River, was purchased in 1893 by the Women's Board of Home Missions of the Presbyterian Church, which was concerned that many Americans in isolated areas were not receiving a proper education and decided to establish church-supported schools in impoverished areas.

Master Programs

  • 701 Warren Wilson Rd, Swannanoa, NC 28778, United States

    Creative Writing

    This program is designed to equip students with the concepts of English Composition. The program offers courses that focus on the principles of writing in effective sentences, paragraphs, and essays.  

    Tuition Fee: USD 17,350