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Smith College is a liberal arts college for women. It offers an open curriculum based in the humanities, arts, social sciences, and natural sciences.

  • Average Tuition USD 47,088

School Description

Notable among her alumni are: Farah Pandith, Adjunct Senior Fellow at Council on Foreign; Caroline West, Pharmaceutical Compliance and Risk Executive; Hitha Prabhakar- Herzog, Retail analyst, Key Note Speaker, Author, Fox News + Fox Business contributor and lecturer at Parsons.

Master Programs

  • Northampton, MA 01063, United States

    Biological Sciences

    USD 46,010 Tuition Fee

    A general program of biology at the introductory, basic level or a program in biology or the biological sciences that is undifferentiated as to title or content. Includes instruction in general biology and programs covering a variety of biological specializations.

  • Northampton, MA 01063, United States


    USD 46,010 Tuition Fee

    A general program that prepares individuals to express ideas, feelings, and/or inner visions through the performance of one or more of the dance disciplines, including but not limited to ballet, modern, jazz, ethnic, and folk dance, and that focuses on the study and analysis of dance as a cultural phenomenon. Includes instruction in technique, choreography, Laban notation, dance history and criticism, and dance production.

  • Northampton, MA 01063, United States

    Exercise and Sports Studies

    USD 46,010 Tuition Fee

    A program that focuses on the rules and techniques of participation and skill building in competitive physical activities, as well as non-competitive physical fitness programs. This CIP code is not valid for IPEDS reporting.

  • Northampton, MA 01063, United States

    Play writing

    USD 46,010 Tuition Fee

    A program that focuses on the general study of dramatic works and their performance. Includes instruction in major works of dramatic literature, dramatic styles and types, and the principles of organizing and producing full live or filmed productions.

  • Northampton, MA 01063, United States

    Social Work

    USD 46,010 Tuition Fee

    A program that prepares individuals for the professional practice of social welfare administration and counseling, and that focus on the study of organized means of providing basic support services for vulnerable individuals and groups. Includes instruction in social welfare policy; case work planning; social counseling and intervention strategies; administrative procedures and regulations; and specific applications in areas such as child welfare and family services, probation, employment services, and disability counseling.

  • Northampton, MA 01063, United States


    USD 46,010 Tuition Fee

    A general program that focuses on the design and provision of teaching and other educational services to children or adults with special learning needs or disabilities, and that may prepare individuals to function as special education teachers. Includes instruction in diagnosing learning disabilities, developing individual education plans, teaching and supervising special education students, special education counseling, and applicable laws and policies.

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    QS Rankings (Global) 601
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    SchoolApply Ranking 373
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    Forbes (USA) 71
  • US News (Liberal Arts)
    US News (Liberal Arts) 12

Admission Requirements

  • Minimum GPA 2.70
  • Minimum SAT 1190
  • Minimum ACT 22


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    Established in 1871


    Undergraduate students from fifty states and more than sixty different countries come to Northampton, Massachusetts, to make use of the outstanding equipment and facilities that are set aside for their use across Smith's 147 acres of tree-lined streets and paths

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          • P
            1970-1974, BA

            When I remember my years at Smith College I think of excellence in education -- the breadth of the curriculum, the amazing professors, excellent facilities, nurturing atmosphere, culture of self confidence, and more. In addition, because Smith is a "global community", my understanding of the world and my role in it was forever changed. Add to that the network of amazing, powerful women that are SMITH -- sisters who are accessible not just as colleagues, peers or mentors but as lifelong friends -- and you have an experience that is truly transformational! I could not be prouder to be a product of Smith College. I AM SMITH!

          • D
            1971-1975, Bachelor's Degree

            It is a Women College founded to train and prepare women from around the globe to become the most dynamic and innovative world-class leaders. My 2 daughters and I achieved legacy. Saundra [1975] + Keesha [2000] + Kelly [2004]. A stellar and phenomenal achievement for my family.

          • Testimony
            1997-1998, Ed.M.

            Smith is an exceptionally good institution. While student life at Smith can be more intense than most schools, the women I knew loved the school more than most as well. As one of the very few boys granted the privilege of receiving a graduate degree at Smith, my perspective is unusual. I also hold degrees from Tufts University and the University of Texas, and my wife is college professor, and I have followed her to several other institutions, so I have a good understanding of the wide range of colleges and universities to which Smith compares. Smith professors are extremely capable teachers and highly invested in their students. They are very available for both academic and personal advising. I did not like, nor see eye-to-eye, with all of my professors. No one does. However, I believe that Smith may have the best corps of undergraduate teachers in America. Many do exceptional research as well, and there are considerable opportunities for undergraduate research. Smith has a very impressive learning environment. Smith is not the most selective of the elite liberal arts colleges, and as a result, not the first choice of many of its students, nor do many of the first year students have the most impressive of paper credentials. However, the majority of Smith women take their academics very seriously, and by graduation, largely outshine their peers at the schools that rejected them four years earlier. The Smith experience is intense and students seem more stressed than at other institutions. Soon after matriculation, Smith students are inculcated with a responsibility to become an example for women everywhere. This tends to create a considerable amount of pressure to be heavily involved in student and community organizations, and to get very good grades. It was commonplace for students with a B+ to request extensions on assignments and to re-take finals in order to get an A. Nowhere else have I seen this. Conversely, compared to other schools, there are more opportunities to practice leadership and to make meaningful contributions to their school and society, as well as considerably fewer students wasting away their college years in a lethargic haze. Students tend to live in the same small dormitory, or "house," for three or four years. Despite the demolition of the very smallest houses, student residences tend to be much smaller than at similarly sized schools. While not every dorm has its own dining facility any more, it is not uncommon for students to eat with the same group of hallmates for most of their career as well. As a result, friendships - and enmity - tend to be very intense. I left campus before the advent of texting and social media, and I know what a massive impact these have had on the college experience, so its very possible that student life has homogenized with other schools since I left. Smith social life is not much different than other schools. There are students who drink a lot, who are completely sober, who hook up a lot, and who pursue meaningful, long term relationships. There are artists and there is old money. While very liberal, there are as many conservatives on campus as many other New England colleges. Smith has a bevy of great traditions, some common to the Seven Sisters and New England colleges, from Mountain Day, to the exam scream (which is terrifying if you are a semi-conscious dude walking across campus), to Friday Tea. I enviously watched my undergrad friends participate, and wish my college had such bonding rituals. I learned a great deal at Smith, not only academically, but about women and about myself. If I had a daughter, I would push hard for her to go to Smith, and I would love for my wife to teach there