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Oral Roberts University (ORU) is a leading Christian, liberal arts university, located in Tulsa, Oklahoma, United States. ORU’s offers 12 master’s level programs and two doctoral degrees with on-campus and online courses. ORU consists of six colleges: Arts and Cultural Studies; Nursing; Science and Engineering; Theology and Ministry; Business; and Education.

  • Average Tuition USD 40,039
  • Acceptance Rate 80%
  • Students 3,481
  • International Students 8.9%
  • Campus Setting City, Online

School Description

Oral Roberts University was founded to shape and educate the whole person—spirit, mind and body, and after over five decades of being the first university of is kind, ORU is still the world’s leading interdenominational, Spirit-empowered University. Its vibrant Christ-centered community and unique Whole Person Education equips students to reach and exceed their academic and professional goals…all while empowering them on their quest for wholeness through an environment that challenges them to be more spiritually alive, intellectually alert, physically disciplined, socially adept and professionally competent.

Oral Roberts University is accredited by The Higher Learning Commission of the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools and is a member of the Council for Christian Colleges and Universities (CCCU), the Oklahoma Independent Colleges and Universities (OICU) and the Council of Independent Colleges (CIC) in addition to having accreditations for Individual Programs and Departments

Master Programs

  • 7777 S Lewis Ave, Tulsa, OK 74171, United States


    USD 14,354 Tuition Fee

    A program that prepares individuals for the profession or duties of an accountant. The curriculum focuses on the process by which financial information about a business is recorded, classified, summarised, interpreted and communicated

  • 7777 S Lewis Ave, Tulsa, OK 74171, United States


    USD 13,832 Tuition Fee

    Instructional programs that focus on the theory and practice of learning and teaching, and related research, administrative and support services.

  • 7777 S Lewis Ave, Tulsa, OK 74171, United States


    USD 14,354 Tuition Fee

    A program that generally prepares individuals to perform development, marketing and management functions associated with owning and operating a business.

  • 7777 S Lewis Ave, Tulsa, OK 74171, United States


    USD 14,354 Tuition Fee

    An integrated or combined program in accounting and finance that prepares individuals to function as accountants and financial managers or analysts.

  • 7777 S Lewis Ave, Tulsa, OK 74171, United States

    International Business

    USD 14,354 Tuition Fee

    An advanced, professional study of the law, policies, and regulations governing transnational business and commercial practices, including the specialized tax law related to international financial transactions.

  • 7777 S Lewis Ave, Tulsa, OK 74171, United States


    USD 14,354 Tuition Fee

    A program that provide students with the knowledge and skills needed to adapt in a rapidly changing, dynamic, and competitive global marketplace

  • 7777 S Lewis Ave, Tulsa, OK 74171, United States


    USD 14,354 Tuition Fee

    A program that generally prepares individuals to undertake and manage the process of developing consumer audiences and moving products from producers to consumers. Includes instruction in buyer behavior and dynamics, principle of marketing research, demand analysis, cost-volume and profit relationships, pricing theory, marketing campaign and strategic planning, market segments, advertising methods, sales operations and management, consumer relations, retailing, and applications to specific products and markets.

  • 7777 S Lewis Ave, Tulsa, OK 74171, United States


    A program that focuses on the nature of religious belief and specific religious and quasi-religious systems. Includes instruction in phenomenology; the sociology, psychology, philosophy, anthropology, literature and art of religion; mythology; scriptural and textual studies; religious history and politics; and specific studies of particular faith communities and their behavior.

  • 7777 S Lewis Ave, Tulsa, OK 74171, United States


    USD 13,832 Tuition Fee

    A general program that focuses on the design and provision of teaching and other educational services to children or adults with special learning needs or disabilities, and that may prepare individuals to function as special education teachers. Includes instruction in diagnosing learning disabilities, developing individual education plans, teaching and supervising special education students, special education counseling, and applicable laws and policies.

  • 7777 S Lewis Ave, Tulsa, OK 74171, United States


    USD 12,860 Tuition Fee

    A program that focuses on the beliefs and doctrine of a particular religious faith from the intramural point of view of that faith. Includes instruction in systematic theology, historical theology, moral theology, doctrinal studies, dogmatics, apologetics, and applications to specific questions of ecclesiastical polity and religious life.

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    SchoolApply Ranking 654
  • Forbes (USA)
    Forbes (USA) 569

Admission Requirements

  • Minimum GPA 3.00
  • Minimum incoming TOEFL 71
  • Minimum incoming IELTS 7.00
  • Minimum ACT 20
  • Average SAT Score 976


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    Established in 1965


    Oral Roberts University offers the Graduate Student Experience, which supports graduate degree seeking students by pairing them with an experienced faculty member that guides them and keeps track of their academic life.

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          • Testimony
            2008-2013, Doctorate

            In Preparation for Fulfilling God's Will

            My experience at ORU was amazing. The practicality of preparation for ministry was transformational. The level of theological education and faculty engagement was exceptional. The student interaction was highly relational. I strongly endorse and support ORU as a community where dreams are released and values are strengthened.

          • Testimony
            2009-2012, Masters in Divinity

            The Campus of Oral Roberts University, my most favorite place in the world!

            One of the things I like most about Oral Roberts University is the community if faith, the professors who are committed to the well being of the students and the lifelong relationships established in the place. ORU is committed to raising Spirit-led and Spirit-empowered students who will go into every man's world -ministry, academics, the market place, business, medicine, arts, sciences, engineering, nursing, technology, creative arts etc. The atmosphere of the Holy Spirit, commitment to the Word and prayers, and love for all of God's people make the school stand out among other Christian Universities.

          • Testimony
            2000-2002, Bachelor of Science in Finance

            The only Whole Person education available in the U.S.? Perhaps

            As a Finance and MBA graduate who also attended public universities for both half of my grad and undergraduate degrees I can confidently say that my education at ORU was at or above other top tier schools. The general outside perception is, ORU is a place focused purely on Charismatic Christianity and is aligned with Bible Schools. This perception is extremely false. I experienced small class sizes with professionals in my chosen field (J.D.s, Bank Directors, Engineers, CPAs, CFPs, Consultants, etc.). These professionals not only taught me the academic side of curriculum but also engaged deeply in "real life" scenarios which is quite frankly the material that really matters. I have attended college or worked with professionals in my field from Oklahoma State University, Oklahoma, Harvard, Princeton, Wharton, Notre Dame, Tulsa, virtually all of the SEC and Big 10 schools, and I can say with confidence that my academic experience at ORU aligns "as good as or better" vs. the other choices. Additionally, the differentiation point at ORU is this: 1. Education for the Mind via experts in Middle Eastern relations, Religious pursuites, Nursing, Business, Theology, etc. 2. Education for the body - required through mandatory physical activities and nutritional education. 3. Education for the soul through required coursework around Christianity and other religions. This whole person approach to education is one that sets ORU apart. Go to ORU if you want to make large plans and do great things. Leave ORU with a whole person education.