Marlboro College - Master's Degree

Marlboro is a small, academically rigorous college where students & faculty create an individualized course of study. Author Loren Pope said, "You will find the Marlboro adventure far more intense & intellectually demanding than Harvard, any other Ivy, or Ivy clone. There simply is no comparison".

School Description

Marlboro, founded in 1946 by Walter Hendricks, has a Graduate School in nearby town Brattleboro. Many of its first students were returning World War II veterans. The campus has been the summer home for more than 50 years to the Marlboro Music Festival. Notable alumni include Journalist Hugh A. Mulligan, Poet Sophie Cabot Black, Scientist Robert MacArthur, Writer D. Y. B├ęchard, Novelist David Rhodes, and Portrait photographer Jock Sturges

Master Programs

Admission Requirements

  • Minimum GPA 2.50

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