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Marlboro is a small, academically rigorous college where students & faculty create an individualized course of study. Author Loren Pope said, "You will find the Marlboro adventure far more intense & intellectually demanding than Harvard, any other Ivy, or Ivy clone. There simply is no comparison".

  • Average Tuition USD 51,430

School Description

Marlboro, founded in 1946 by Walter Hendricks, has a Graduate School in nearby town Brattleboro. Many of its first students were returning World War II veterans. The campus has been the summer home for more than 50 years to the Marlboro Music Festival. Notable alumni include Journalist Hugh A. Mulligan, Poet Sophie Cabot Black, Scientist Robert MacArthur, Writer D. Y. Béchard, Novelist David Rhodes, and Portrait photographer Jock Sturges

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  • Minimum GPA 2.50


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    Established in 1946


    The school publishes a magazines and a student newspaper, holds open mic nights and town meetings. It has a new performing arts center, an electronic music lab, total health center, exercise facility, Outdoor Programs Building, Greenhouse and a visual arts center.

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    United States

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      • Testimony
        1985-1988, Bachelor of Arts

        Marlboro allowed me to become responsible for my actions quickly as the professors would guide you and you had to get it done from your own perspective. Writing a thesis for your undergrad is a unique experience not available at many schools and then having an outside examiner verify your understanding of what you've written about makes it that much clearer. I recommend Marlboro to anyone who is a looking for a unique experience and a great one. I would do it all over again!

      • Testimony
        1988-1994, Plant Ecology and Public Policy on Federal grazing lands

        A tall tree in a large forestIt is a gift to find oneself among a small-ish, diverse, and highly capable group of people. The faculty and student body at Marlboro offer the first step onto a path of individualism and discovery. In a world where differentiation is increasingly tied to success the self-directed platform is much greater than an academic endeavor; indeed it is the roots of some very tall trees.

      • R
        1989-1993, Psych/sociology

        We help people create new life potentials!The myriad opportunities to push out of any staid comfort zone.