Iowa State University - Master's Degree

There are more than 100 undergraduate majors offered at Iowa State, and, through the Soar in 4 initiative, advisers work with students to ensure they graduate in four years.

  • Average Tuition USD 32,390

School Description

Iowa State is the birthplace of the first electronic digital computer, starting the world’s computer technology revolution. Invented by mathematics and physics professor John Atanasoff and engineering graduate student Clifford Berry during 1937-42, the Atanasoff-Berry Computer, or ABC, pioneered important elements of modern computing, including binary arithmetic, regenerative memory, parallel processing, electronic switching elements, and separation of memory and computer functions.

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  • Times World University Rankings
    Times World University Rankings 321
  • QS Rankings (Global)
    QS Rankings (Global) 474
  • ARWU - Shanghai Ranking
    ARWU - Shanghai Ranking 201
  • SchoolApply Ranking
    SchoolApply Ranking N/A
  • Forbes (USA)
    Forbes (USA) 258

Admission Requirements

  • Minimum GPA 2.50
  • Minimum incoming GMAT 600


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    Other Information

    Established in 1858


    ISU is the only university nationwide that has a U.S. Department of Energy research laboratory physically located on its campus.

    The Location

    Ames, IA 50011, United States

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      • Testimony
        1973-1978, Bachelor's of Science

        If you are looking for a college to attend Iowa State is your best choice. It has a world-wide reputation for excellence. When you earn a degree from Iowa State University, it is worth a great deal. When I attended from 1973 - 1978, it was not an "easy" school by any means. But life in the real world is not "easy" either. ISU prepared me for the real world. I highly recommend this institution.

      • Testimony
        1984-1989, Bachelor's of Science

        Between the quality education, campus experience, and quality of living I can't express how much I feel ISU has benefitted my professional career. I have two daughters now in college and all the campus visits I've been on don't match up. We live in Lancaster, PA and if distance had not played a major role, both girls would have attended ISU. I personally liked the conservative Greek system and their values they instilled on the entire Fraternity/Sorority system.

      • Testimony
        1999-2005, B.S.

        I received a very thorough education in the field of Exercise Science at ISU! As a Fitness Presenter I often travel to other colleges and universities and prepare students in the field to take their Personal Trainer exam. I feel that I received one of the best educations out there. The depth of the program and variety of topics covered prepared me to work with clientele of all different ages and physical situations. In addition to the educational benefits I gained at ISU, I also received a lot of support from my faculty/staff in my professional career search. While ISU may be a large school, the small town feel of the surrounding community made me proud to call it home for 4 years!