Hult International Business School - London

The Hult International Business School - London's (Hult London) Hult House campus, located in Bloomsbury, London, UK, offers master's degree programs in International Business and International Marketing.
  • Average Tuition GBP 33,000
  • Acceptance Rate 28%
  • Students 402
  • International Students 95%
  • Total Annual Cost GBP 48,000
  • Intakes Fall
  • Application Deadline July 23
  • Campus Setting City

School Description

Hult International Business School - London (Hult London) is home to students from 129 countries. Students can learn from various modules integrated within the master's degree programs including: Financial Accounting, International Marketing, Analytics in Business Decisions, Products and Innovation, and Strategic Brand Management. Hult London provides an ideal learning environment for coursework and collaboration through modern classrooms equipped with high-spec audio-visual facilities and comfortable study halls and meeting pods. The Career Development team arranges career fairs, workshops, and networking opportunities throughout the year to help students decide for a successful future. Hult London's graduates may pursue careers as business analysts, market research assistants, content managers, account executives, and auditors, among others.

Master Programs

  • 35 Commercial Rd, Poplar, London E1, UK

    Global Executive MBA (Rotation Based)

    GBP 31,200 Tuition Fee

    (No description about the course:

  • 35 Commercial Rd, Poplar, London E1, UK

    Global One Year MBA (Rotation Based)

    GBP 31,200 Tuition Fee

    (No description about the course:

  • 35 Commercial Rd, Poplar, London E1, UK

    Master of Finance (Rotation Only)

    GBP 31,200 Tuition Fee

    Smart financial management decisions maximize shareholder and company value and limit risk. The role of the CFO and the company’s finance team is to optimize financial performance. They do this by looking for ways to fund investments, free up capital, and decrease costs. By understanding the nuts and bolts of the business and what drives the numbers, they also advise on which activities drive profitable growth. The Master of Finance degree is designed to give students this breadth of insight.

  • 35 Commercial Rd, Poplar, London E1, UK

    Master of International Business

    GBP 31,200 Tuition Fee

    Based on our award-winning MBA curriculum, the Master of International Business program will enable you to develop a deep understanding of the fundamental concepts of global business. A highly flexible program with the option to tailor to your individual and professional goals, offering six specializations to choose from—marketing, finance, entrepreneurship, project management, family business, and business analytics.

  • 35 Commercial Rd, Poplar, London E1, UK

    Master of International Marketing

    GBP 31,200 Tuition Fee

    Mastering the marketing mix is more critical than ever as consumers are constantly exposed to an increasing amount of online and offline content. Master of International Marketing students will learn how to leverage digital marketing, social media, marketing analytics, and customer engagement strategies to break through the noise and make a measurable impact on business objectives through marketing.

  • 35 Commercial Rd, Poplar, London E1, UK

    Master of Social Entrepreneurship

    GBP 31,200 Tuition Fee

    Hult’s Master of Social Entrepreneurship helped students understand and develop core business skills while learning how to successfully engage in issue advocacy, problem-solving through innovation, and project development and management.

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Admission Requirements

  • Minimum incoming IELTS 6.50
  • GRE Required
  • GMAT Required


    Financial Aid & Scholarship

    International students may be eligible for numerous scholarships including: Social Impact, Academic Excellence, Global Professional, Entrepreneurial Impact, Future Leader, and Women in Business.

    School Locations

    Other Information

    Established in 1964


    Hult also offers master's degree programs in Finance, Business Analytics, and Disruptive Innovation across its campuses in Boston and San Francisco.

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          • Testimony
            2009-2011, BS Business

            True definition of Global.

            I truly lived the Hult experience. I did an undergraduate BA in London, plus an MIB in Shanghai, Hult International Business School has extensively given me the invaluable asset of a real global experience, something that employers really give importance to. In addition to that, Hult has given me a precious global network of really diverse people from so many different countries that made me learn so much about ones that I never really knew that much about. Definitely one of the biggest learnings you get at Hult comes from sharing, and working with your fellow classmates. At Hult, any academic program you pick will involve real-time, boiling hot case studies topics that will not only put you on top of the situation, but also will drive you to defend your point of view amongst a range of different arguments which will force you to constantly better your argument while respectfully absorbing points of view you would not have considered on your own. The value of team playing is repeatedly advised at Hult, and after a while you recognize the importance and veracity of it in an international work environment. Overall Hult can be a bit of newbie managing such a fast-growing university, however they do make an honorable effort to keep up to the pace and provide the student body with thoughtful events for networking, job-seeking, and personal growth. Very satisfied with all the assistance they provide you in order to adapt to the new environment you’ll be thrown in.

          • Testimony
            2014-2015, International MBA

            It is more than an international MBA: it is an adventure around the world!

            My favorite thing about Hult is the international rotation program. I have made real my dream of traveling and learning around the world during one year. There is no words to explain so many interesting experiences, the extensive international network, with more than 100 nationalities, and the emotions involved in one year like this. Without any doubt, this have been one of my most intensive years of my live. Now I feel more free, better prepared and "plugged to the world" more than ever. The other thing that I love about Hult is that this experience never stops if you want. As alumni, you can take every year one elective and repeat for the rest of your live this "international learning experience" in one week. If you are looking for a constant international learning experience, Hult is your business school.

          • Testimony
            2013-2014, Master of Business Administration (MBA)

            My Hult MBA

            A learning revolutionI made the decision to attend Hult because I had reached a point in my career where I needed to develop more muscle for business management, given I’d come from a marketing and stakeholder relations background. Hult offered me a powerful blend of knowledge and expertise, and an innovative approach to teaching and learning. An accelerated one year MBA program can be tough and my time at Hult ranks high up with some of my most challenging experiences yet. I consistently had to improve skills, which meant enhancing processes, being ruthless with my time and working better with my teammates. The program, designed for deep thinking about current and future management and business issues, provided me with the breadth and depth of knowledge to be a leader in any type of organization. I learned to hone the skills, critical to delivering strategic, operational and organizational innovations. My classmates were interesting and arrived already having distinguished themselves in their previous work experience, as well as in community activities and other outside endeavors. With the quality standards of our work, our talents and creativity, and the diversity of our experience, we were shaped by a common set of traits and ideals. I know it will be a long time before I find myself in an environment like Hult again. I had the time of my life at Hult and left, a confident leader with a global and collaborative mindset. I find that I am seeking out new, original ways of thinking and I have the courage to ask tough questions and tackle difficult situations.