Franciscan University of Steubenville - Master's Degree

Franciscan University embraces the rigorous academic demands of the Catholic intellectual tradition, “consecrating itself without reserve to the cause of truth".

  • Average Tuition USD 34,010

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Franciscan University was born on December 10, 1946, a product of the optimism in the country that accompanied victory in World War II. Indeed, most members of the first class were veterans of the war and were making use of the GI Bill to pay for their education.

Master Programs

  • 1235 University Blvd, Steubenville, OH 43952, United States

    MA in Clinical Mental Health Counseling

    Instructional programs that prepare individuals to practice as licensed professionals and assistants in the health care professions and related clinical sciences and administrative and support services.

  • 1235 University Blvd, Steubenville, OH 43952, United States

    MA in Philosophy

    A program that focuses on ideas and their logical structure, including arguments and investigations about abstract and real phenomena. Includes instruction in logic, ethics, aesthetics, epistemology, metaphysics, symbolism, and history of philosophy, and applications to the theoretical foundations and methods of other disciplines.

  • 1235 University Blvd, Steubenville, OH 43952, United States

    MA in Theology

    A program that focuses on the beliefs and doctrine of a particular religious faith from the intramural point of view of that faith. Includes instruction in systematic theology, historical theology, moral theology, doctrinal studies, dogmatics, apologetics, and applications to specific questions of ecclesiastical polity and religious life.

  • 1235 University Blvd, Steubenville, OH 43952, United States


    A program that generally prepares individuals to plan, organize, direct, and control the functions and processes of a firm or organization. Includes instruction in management theory, human resources management and behavior, accounting and other quantitative methods, purchasing and logistics, organization and production, marketing, and business decision-making.

  • 1235 University Blvd, Steubenville, OH 43952, United States

    MS in Education & Educational Administration

    Instructional programs that focus on the theory and practice of learning and teaching, and related research, administrative and support services.

  • 1235 University Blvd, Steubenville, OH 43952, United States

    MS in Nursing

    A program that generally prepares individuals in the knowledge, techniques and procedures for promoting health, providing care for sick, disabled, infirmed, or other individuals or groups. Includes instruction in the administration of medication and treatments, assisting a physician during treatments and examinations, Referring patients to physicians and other health care specialists, and planning education for health maintenance.

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Admission Requirements

  • Minimum GPA 2.40


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    Established in 1946


    Our professors encourage and expect the highest academic achievement in every discipline, seeing faith and reason as allies, not enemies. The faculty boldly pursue every truth, guiding and encouraging our students along that ennobling path.

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        1235 University Blvd, Steubenville, OH 43952, United States

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          • Testimony
            1995-1997, Vital integration of faith and academics

            I am very grateful for my experience at Franciscan and for its formation of the whole person. I really benefited from my experience of household life and the solid friendships that were formed. I am also grateful for many excellent professors like Fr. Ed Sylvia who challenged us as counselors to strive for excellence.

          • Testimony
            1991-1993, Faith and Reason - what else do I need to say?

            With my whole heart I recommend Steubie U. I believe it so much we decided to live near there and send the next generation of Wendts there. Don't settle for less for your young adult children. Move in the area and take advantage of the outstanding commuter grant, which has made it possible for us! We know of a lot of people besides ourselves doing just that. Feel free to reach out to me and ask me more about our experience.

          • Testimony
            1994-1996, Alma Mater

            Knowledge and Principles For Life.