Erskine College - Master's Degree

All classes are taught by professors, not graduate students, and the college has a strong placement rate for medical school, law school, and other graduate programs. At the graduate level, Erskine Theological Seminary prepares persons for service in the Christian church.

School Description

Established in 1839 by the Associate Reformed Synod of the South as an academy for men, the college became the first four-year, church-related college in South Carolina. It was named for Ebenezer Erskine, one of the founders of one of the antecedent bodies of the Associate Reformed Presbyterian Church and a pastor. Erskine began to admit women in 1894 and officially became coeducational in 1899. Some of the notable Erskine alumni include Beth Couture, Brian Haynes, and Charles Haldeman.

Master Programs

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