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Elon University is a selective, independent university which is renowned as a national model for engaged learning, along with excellence in the liberal arts and sciences and professional programs. Elon's beautiful and historic campus in central North Carolina is designated as a botanical garden.

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Elon was founded in 1889, and its core values have remained constant throughout history: close relationships between faculty and students, a culture that supports constant innovation, and a strong sense of community. Daily events, social gatherings and sidewalk conversations are the hallmarks of this friendly and welcoming academic community.

Master Programs

  • 100 Campus Drive, Elon, NC 27244, United States

    Business Administration

    A program that generally prepares individuals to plan, organize, direct, and control the functions and processes of a firm or organization. Includes instruction in management theory, human resources management and behavior, accounting and other quantitative methods, purchasing and logistics, organization and production, marketing, and business decision-making.

  • 100 Campus Drive, Elon, NC 27244, United States


    Instructional programs that focus on the theory and practice of learning and teaching, and related research, administrative and support services.

  • 100 Campus Drive, Elon, NC 27244, United States

    Interactive media

    A program that focuses on the development, use, critical evaluation, and regulation of new electronic communication technologies using computer applications; and that prepares individuals to function as developers and managers of digital communications media. Includes instruction in computer and telecommunications technologies and processes; design and development of digital communications; marketing and distribution; digital communications regulation, law, and policy; the study of human interaction with, and use of, digital media; and emerging trends and issues.

  • 100 Campus Drive, Elon, NC 27244, United States


    A program that prepares individuals for the independent professional practice of law, for taking state and national bar examinations, and for advanced research in jurisprudence. Includes instruction in the theory and practice of the legal system, including the statutory, administrative, and judicial components of civil and criminal law.

  • 100 Campus Drive, Elon, NC 27244, United States


    A program that provide students with the knowledge and skills needed to adapt in a rapidly changing, dynamic, and competitive global marketplace

  • 100 Campus Drive, Elon, NC 27244, United States

    Physical Therapy

    A program that prepares individuals to alleviate physical and functional impairments and limitations caused by injury or disease through the design and implementation of therapeutic interventions to promote fitness and health. Includes instruction in functional anatomy and physiology, kinesiology, neuroscience, pathological physiology, analysis of dysfunction, movement dynamics, physical growth process, management of musculoskeletal disorders, clinical evaluation and measurement, client assessment and supervision, care plan development and documentation, physical therapy modalities, rehabilitation psychology, physical therapy administration, and professional standards and ethics.

  • 100 Campus Drive, Elon, NC 27244, United States

    Physician assistant

    Instructional programs that prepare individuals to practice as licensed professionals and assistants in the health care professions and related clinical sciences and administrative and support services.

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Admission Requirements

  • Minimum GPA 2.50


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    Established in 1889


    Elon's historic 636-acre campus in central North Carolina is designated as a botanical garden and includes the 56-acre Elon University Forest, a land preserve and natural area for scientific research, and Loy Farm, a center for environmental research and sustainability that includes a solar farm.

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        100 Campus Drive, Elon, NC 27244, United States

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          • Testimony
            1993-1996, Masters of Business Administration

            I feel so fortunate for my Elon experience. First off, the campus is beautiful and nestled in a small, quaint college town. This helps remove outside distractions and create a closer on campus community. The university continuously invests in providing state of the art facilities and resources for its students and professor. The classroom size is setup much smaller than those large state universities, which allows closer personal relationships between students and professors. I was always on a first name basis I with all of my professors, who often went out of their ways to provide mentoring after class if needed. All of my professors were passionate about the subjects they specialized in, and often brought in their own real world experience in their teachings. I was fortunate enough to participate in two study abroad courses, one to Belize and another in Europe, which had a huge impact on my continued love for traveling and learning about other cultures. I graduated with a degree in Business Administration and went back to Elon for my MBA. I thank Elon for proving the initial foundation towards a successful career, and both an academic and worldly education that I still benefit from today.

          • Testimony
            1987-1991, Bachelor of Science

            I started my college education at NCSU and quickly found out I was just a walking Social Security. Once I transferred to Elon I became a person who was cared about by my University. Elon has been called the largest small college in the south and I believe it to be true. A faculty who cares about their students and who learn your name and get to know you as a person and not just a student. Besides being an incredible institution of higher learning it is one of the most beautiful campuses in NC. I still wear my graduation ring proudly and when I go over to The Burlington/Elon area I refer to it as God's country!

          • Testimony

            From my perceptive and personal experiences Elon taught me the importance of pushing myself and having balance in your life. A strong mind, a social and fun person, competitive drive, spiritual development and the importance of giving back. 1. You just cant show up and exceed at Elon Academically you need to push yourself to thrive as the bar is set high by the professors. This thriving environment helped me in the business world and taught me that you must push yourself to advance. 2. I also loved Greek Life and all the other social events that Elon provides. The weekends were always fun and also provided me with a lifetime of good friends. 3. Elon also is a place that respects your faith and supports your internal development and opportunities to assist with Community Projects was always present. I really enjoyed giving back. 4. The spirit of Elon was always the strongest at the sporting events and I liked the fact that our sports programs were always competitive in the conference. As Elon continues to raise the bar Academically, I hope Elon keeps the balanced student approach and does not lose that formula in recruitment or curriculum. Its a special place for sure and I am confident it will always be!