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Bethel University is a top-ranked Christian higher education institution from St. Paul, Minnesota that offers a wide variety of bachelor's and master's degree programs in areas of arts and sciences, business, and theology among many others. Bethel University is accredited by The Higher Learning Commission.

  • Average Tuition USD 46,496
  • Acceptance Rate 95%
  • Students 3,979
  • Campus Setting Suburban

School Description

Bethel University's first embodiment was a seminary called Baptist Union Theological Seminary founded by John Alexis Edgren in the year 1871 to train pastors to serve Swedish Baptists who immigrated to the United States to escape religious prosecution in Europe. After the second World War, it started offering four-year degrees as the Bethel College & Seminary until finally becoming Bethel University in 2004 to accurately represent the academic growth the institution has gone through over the years.

Today, Bethel University sits on a 245-acre lakeside campus in St. Paul where it houses its 4 different schools through which it offers 8 bachelor's degrees and 10 master's degree programs to 6,000 students from 49 states and 21 countries around the world.

Master Programs

  • 3900 Bethel Dr, St Paul, MN 55112, United States


    USD 9,630 Tuition Fee

    Instructional content for this group of programs is defined in codes 09.0100 - 09.0199.

  • 3900 Bethel Dr, St Paul, MN 55112, United States


    USD 9,630 Tuition Fee

    Instructional programs that focus on the theory and practice of learning and teaching, and related research, administrative and support services.

  • 3900 Bethel Dr, St Paul, MN 55112, United States


    USD 9,630 Tuition Fee

    A program that focuses on leadership skills that can be applied to a business, government, non-profit, or educational setting. Includes instruction in organizational planning, dynamics of leadership, finance, team building, conflict resolution and mediation, communication and other management skills.

  • 3900 Bethel Dr, St Paul, MN 55112, United States


    USD 9,630 Tuition Fee

    A program that generally prepares individuals in the knowledge, techniques and procedures for promoting health, providing care for sick, disabled, infirmed, or other individuals or groups. Includes instruction in the administration of medication and treatments, assisting a physician during treatments and examinations, Referring patients to physicians and other health care specialists, and planning education for health maintenance.

  • 3900 Bethel Dr, St Paul, MN 55112, United States


    USD 9,630 Tuition Fee

    Instructional programs that focus on the scientific study of the behavior of individuals, independently or collectively, and the physical and environmental bases of mental, emotional, and neurological activity.

  • 3900 Bethel Dr, St Paul, MN 55112, United States

    Science Education

    USD 9,630 Tuition Fee

    A program that prepares individuals to teach specific social science subjects and programs at various educational levels.

  • 3900 Bethel Dr, St Paul, MN 55112, United States


    USD 9,630 Tuition Fee

    A general program that focuses on the design and provision of teaching and other educational services to children or adults with special learning needs or disabilities, and that may prepare individuals to function as special education teachers. Includes instruction in diagnosing learning disabilities, developing individual education plans, teaching and supervising special education students, special education counseling, and applicable laws and policies.

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  • SchoolApply Ranking
    SchoolApply Ranking 435
  • Forbes (USA)
    Forbes (USA) 351

Admission Requirements

  • Minimum incoming TOEFL 100
  • Minimum incoming IELTS 7.00
  • Minimum ACT 22
  • Average SAT Score 1165


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    Established in 1871


    Bethel University has the 5th lowest tuition among the 17 schools from the Minnesota Private College Council.

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        3900 Bethel Dr, St Paul, MN 55112, United States

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          • Testimony
            2011-2013, Bachelor of Arts (BA), Business Management

            Bethel University has a great adult education program!

            After being out of school for more than 20 years, I decided to join Bethel’s CAPs program with a focus of growing mentally, emotionally and spiritually. In my Business Management program, I learned to live outside my comfort zone as an adult learner. My assignments were challenging but manageable and I could apply, with confidence, what I learned to my current business environment. Most of my classes required some sort of biblical verse research that related to the topic assignment. It was through this that I discovered how to apply the Bible to my everyday life. Bethel gave me a great spiritual start. One of my senior class assignments was to develop a five year career and personal goal plan. I am happy to report that I am still on track with my goals. I am growing in my faith, volunteering more to serve others and looking to advance in my career. I would recommend Bethel to anyone interested in going back to school later in life. My classes were held in the Fox building and on the main campus. I found both locations to be a great learning environment. The professors were encouraging, professional and easy to work with. The registration process was easy and the class sizes are typically small. The best part about having spent two years with the same cohort group is that I have developed lifelong friendships. Check Bethel University out. You won’t be disappointed.

          • Testimony
            1980-1984, BA, Communications

            Integration of Faith & Learning... 30 Years Later

            September 1980, I remember our first freshman class chapel with President Lundquist. We gathered outside in the courtyard, "The Class of 1984" (although some did manage to cram 4 years into 5), but there we were, boys and girls from across the country, across the world, excited, nervous and for the most part on our own. Dr. Lundquist shared with us an interesting observation, one that I imagine many of us have, as our “boys and girls” have headed off to college, shared with our own kids. He said, if I can recall: “You have all arrived here with a set of values. These values have been instilled in you by your parents, your church, family and friends. These are solid values that have shaped you and helped make you the person you are today. Four years from now, you will leave here with a set of values, which for the most part will still be in alignment with the values you have today, the only difference will be, they will be yours.” One of the most valuable contributions that Bethel College (Now Bethel University) delivers for its students (and their parents) is in fact, values. The values that my family inculcated into my life were strengthened at Bethel. A Christian Liberal Arts education allows for the exploration of ideas with a firm foundation in God’s Word. By challenging my world view without ridiculing the faith component that guided that view, the end result was I owned my beliefs. As parents, my wife and I were/are blessed to be able to provide a Christian Liberal Arts education for both our sons. The ability to pass that opportunity on to our sons and build a legacy of both faith and education is a blessing. I thank my parents for knowing the importance that a Christ centered college education would make in my life, and I thank God that my wife and I were able to provide the same for the next generation. Thank you Bethel for staying the course and continuing to educate young men and women and instilling traditional Biblical values.

          • Testimony
            1959-1961, Pastoral Ministry and Missions

            Bethel University is on the grow.

            Since graduating from Bethel College almost 50 years ago, I've observed dynamic growth from 600 students on a city block campus to a multi-acre major campus plus additional campuses and thousand of students from under graduates to post graduates. The amazing thing is that growth has not weakened Bethel's solid Christian message and testimony. Two more generations of Barkeys have passed through its halls to serve our Savior.