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Coleman University was established in the year 1963 as Coleman College with the purpose of educating professionals in the growing electronic data processing field across the business, government, and education industries. Coleman College introduced it's first associate of science, and bachelor's of science degrees in the 1970's, and then on wards it expanded it's curriculum by incorporating an education department to its academic wing. Coleman College offered its first graduate programme called master of science in information systems in 1982. And eventually on it's 45th anniversary the announcement of Coleman College's transition to Coleman University was made.

Today' Coleman University celebrates 50 years of serving San Diego region as the most distinguished institute dedicated to technical and leadership studies, and the oldest information technology school. Coleman University's advanced curriculum today includes software and game development courses along with graphic design and cyber security programmes. Coleman University is a diverse campus and it's students come from several countries around the world and many different states.

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