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Program Description

Sports fans love everything about team and individual sports competitions, and many times, they want to understand what goes on before a big meet. For those fans, a bachelor’s degree in sports from Capital University may be the right career choice. While taking 40 classes over a four-year or five-year period, students may learn about the science of sports, how it is managed, and human physiology.

Classes can focus on organizing teams, event budgeting, and establishing events. Courses can also look at the relationship between nutrition and sports performance, age and the breakdown of muscles, and human endurance limits. Looking at the professional, Olympic, and non-professional aspects of various sports, including how they gained popularity, students can use the platform to study aspects of both historical and modern athletes.

As students learn, they may find an internship with an existing team and gain valuable industry experience on and off the field. Students may also seek employment as teachers, coaches, dieticians, and managers.

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Capital University (Capital) is home to nearly 3,500 students from around the world. Capital has a wide range of bachelor's degree programs including Art Therapy, Music Technology, Athletic Training and Political Science. Capital offers on-campus accommodation through multiple residence halls, along with various meal plans and dining options. Students at...

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