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Program Description

While not a formal major at Capital University, students preparing for a career in public health can benefit from seeking advisement for a pre-public health plan for undergraduate education. Many specialty areas of public health, such as health education, epidemiology, and health services administration, require a two-year master’s degree, while undergraduate coursework in a related major can help lay an essential core foundation in biology, chemistry, and physics. Majoring in any of these fields with a personalized graduation plan helps students to navigate their studies and research experiences towards specific interests.

With a 12:1 student-to-faculty ratio, Capital University allows students better access to professional and academic advisement from experts in various fields. Students seeking to qualify for postgraduate work in public health will benefit from the personal mentorship and research opportunities available to Capital’s students. International service opportunities and internships not only enrich the undergraduate experience but also serve to better prepare students for a career in the public health field.

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