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Program Description

Students who want to become physical therapists must first complete a program in pre-physical therapy. This program is typically in conjunction with the completion of a major of the student’s choosing. No matter what the major is, students are also required to complete a number of prerequisite courses to prepare them for physical therapy school. A degree can typically be completed in four years, and students usually take between 12 and 14 credits per semester.

The program’s prerequisite classes revolve around human biology and behavior. Courses students take include general biology, human anatomy, physiology, physics, chemistry, behavioral science and statistics. Recommended courses include exercise physiology, neuroanatomy, speech communication and motor learning.

This program gives students a peek into what to expect as a physical therapist. A physical therapist helps patients promote, maintain and restore physical function. These healthcare professionals can work in a variety of settings and work with individuals of all ages and abilities.

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