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Program Description

The business department at Capital University offers majors in marketing, financial economics, business management and accounting. Each program is a four-year degree that requires a minimum of 124 credits to complete. The goal of each business program is to provide students with the skills and knowledge required to be successful in a variety of industry specializations. Students can have the opportunity to develop desirable skillsets such as critical thinking, analysis of technical information, strong communication skills, information systems knowledge and the flexibility to continue learning and growing with changing conditions.

Fundamental business classes cover topics such as finance, economics, policy and ethics. Advanced coursework will depend on the business concentration that the student selects. Specialized coursework can include topics as varied as tax accounting, business strategy and policy, labor economics and digital marketing.

In addition to classroom learning, students may have the opportunity to participate in practical ventures such as internships and research projects. These experiences can allow students to gain valuable real-world experience and develop their network within the field.

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Capital University (Capital) is home to nearly 3,500 students from around the world. Capital has a wide range of bachelor's degree programs including Art Therapy, Music Technology, Athletic Training and Political Science. Capital offers on-campus accommodation through multiple residence halls, along with various meal plans and dining options. Students at...

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