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Program Description

The philosophy major at California State University, Long Beach offers undergraduate students a wide range of choices when it comes to areas of specialization, including ethics, metaphysics, cognitive science, epistemology, and pragmatism. Students can also take advantage of the pre-law emphasis and participate in the Departmental Honors Program. Many doors may be opened to philosophy majors due to the department's affiliation with the Center for Medieval and Renaissance Studies, and its hosting of the Applied Ethics Forum and other conferences and symposia.

Courses specific to the Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy are divided into required areas and electives at both the lower and upper divisions. To complete the program, a minimum of 24 units must be completed at the upper-division level, and 36 philosophy credits total are required.

Additionally, upper-division coursework must be completed within each of the three distribution areas, which consist of 1) logic, metaphysics, and epistemology; 2) values and evaluation; and 3) historical traditions and figures. In addition to philosophy coursework, students are also required to complete 48 hours of general education requirements. The minimum of units required to complete the degree is 120.

About School

Established in 1949, California State University, Long Beach first opened its doors as the Los Angeles-Orange County State College. At the time, it enrolled just 160 students taught by 13 full-time faculty in an apartment on Anaheim Road. Through the years, the institution has gone through numerous name changes to...

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