Nutrition Science (California State University - Long Beach)

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    California State University - Long Beach

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Program Description

The field of nutrition offers many fascinating opportunities. Graduates of the nutrition science program at California State University, Long Beach may go on to oversee foodservice operations on a large or small scale, plan feeding programs in childcare settings, develop and write nutrition-related media, or enter government at the federal, state or local level to regulate food and health policy. Learning occurs not only in the classroom but through internships and extracurricular activities as well.

Nutrition science is one of two concentrations available with a nutrition and dietetics major. In addition to opening the doors to careers in industry, research, and public health, its grounding in chemistry, biology, and other sciences make it a good stepping stone into a medical profession.

A Bachelor of Science degree in this field requires the completion of a minimum of 120 units. General education requirements comprise 48 of the necessary units. Students must also complete at least 40 units of coursework in the major field of family and consumer sciences. Upper division coursework in the degree-specific field must entail at least 24 units.

About School

Established in 1949, California State University, Long Beach first opened its doors as the Los Angeles-Orange County State College. At the time, it enrolled just 160 students taught by 13 full-time faculty in an apartment on Anaheim Road. Through the years, the institution has gone through numerous name changes to...

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