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Program Description

The study of classics at California State University, Long Beach involves delving academically into the literature, civilizations, and languages of the ancient Romans and Greeks, as well as contemporaneous peoples. Students of classics develop greater facility in speaking and writing English, gain understanding of the global civilization core, cultivate moral and aesthetic sensitivity, and foster critical thinking skills. These qualities make it a practical major in liberal arts.

Those seeking a Bachelor of Arts degree in classics may major in either Greek civilization or Roman civilization. The Greek civilization option requires 43 units, at least 21 of which must be upper-level classes. The Roman civilization option mandates the same amount of upper-division coursework, 21 units, but the minimum of total course-specific units required to complete the degree is 41.

Each concentration includes language classes at both the elementary and upper-division levels, along with classes in antiquity and additional classics courses. When added to the 48-unit general education requirements and combined with a second major, a minor, or electives across multiple disciplines, a total of 120 units are needed to earn the degree.

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California State University, Long Beach (CSULB) is an affordable university with great prospects for its graduates. The University is nationally known as The Beach.

CSULB is part of the California State University (CSU) System - a network of 23 campuses. The Beach however receives the most applications as compared...

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