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Program Description

Students who are interested in earning a Bachelor of Arts degree in Chinese studies can do so at California State University, Long Beach. The program requires a minimum of four upper division courses, but study abroad opportunities allow students to study an entire year of the language while out of the country. A minimum of 35 credits within the major are required, as well as lower division prerequisites Chinese I and Chinese II.

Some of the other courses that majors are required to complete include Asian Eats, Intermediate Chinese I, and Intermediate Chinese II, which are three, four, and four credits, respectively. Additional upper division requirements, such as Advanced Chinese I and Languages and Dialects in China, may be eligible for completion through a study abroad option.

The degree is designed to be completed within four years for students who follow the prescribed plan of study. Seniors can also enroll in a senior research seminar to embark on a research project concerning an issue in the Chinese language or culture.

About School

California State University, Long Beach (CSULB) is an affordable university with great prospects for its graduates. The University is nationally known as The Beach.

CSULB is part of the California State University (CSU) System - a network of 23 campuses. The Beach however receives the most applications as compared...

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