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Program Description

The academic field of American studies is relatively recent, and California State University, Long Beach has offered an American studies program since the 1970s. It poses a number of vitally important questions regarding what it means to be an American. Students can seek to answer these questions by taking a broader view of America and its place within the global milieu, or they can take a more focused, self-reflexive approach. A degree in American studies involves the interdisciplinary study of political science, environmental studies, language, art, literature, music, and history.

In addition to 48 units of general education requirements, a Bachelor of Arts degree in American studies requires 36 course-specific units. Electives in other disciplines, a minor, or a second major help account for the minimum total of 120 credits needed for completion.

Fifteen of the degree-specific units must be an elective pattern of five courses chosen by the student in consultation with the program advisor. The other 21 units are comprised of core courses. The following three courses are required of all American studies majors: Introduction to American Studies, Senior Seminar in American Studies, and California Culture. Students can further choose among AMST-designated courses and courses within American cultural history subfields.

About School

Established in 1949, California State University, Long Beach first opened its doors as the Los Angeles-Orange County State College. At the time, it enrolled just 160 students taught by 13 full-time faculty in an apartment on Anaheim Road. Through the years, the institution has gone through numerous name changes to...

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