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Walden attracts an extraordinary community of students and faculty who want to put their knowledge into action so they can make a difference.

  • Average Tuition USD 30,375

School Description

Since 1970, Walden has supported the academic goals of working professionals. Our track record makes us a trusted leader in innovative learning techniques for distance education. Walden is a part of a global network of 80 universities across 29 countries owned or managed by Laureate Education Inc

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Admission Requirements

  • Minimum GPA 2.00


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    Established in 1970


    The network includes a mix of both for-profit and public benefit universities, with most of those operations located outside of the United States.

    The Location

    100 S Washington Ave #900, Minneapolis, MN 55401, United States

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      • H
        2011-2015, BS

        Philosophically, Walden is the University that can be crucial in shaping individual destiny. If you are seeking the University that has what it takes to place you on the path to your destiny? Go Walden University!!!

      • Testimony
        2013-2015, Doctor of Business Administration (DBA)

        The 21st Century Global Education will be transformed through online instructional process. Walden University is already leading the way by providing access to education to many students worldwide.

      • Testimony
        2006-2008, MBA

        Looking to buy a diploma? Not here. I spent many nights, weekends and even holidays doing assignments, group work and fostering good relationships with my fellow students. It was hard, but in the end I am proud of my Walden MBA!