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Harvey Mudd College (HMC), located in Claremont, California, United States is a private liberal-arts college offering undergraduate studies in mathematics, the physical and biological sciences, and engineering.

  • Average Tuition USD 48,594

School Description

Harvey Mudd College (HMC) was founded by Harvey Seeley Mudd in December 1955. The College however started operations two years later – at the same time as when the space race made technical education a priority in the US. The College started out with 48 students and 7 faculty, but within a decade this grew to 284 students and 43 faculty. Today Harvey Mudd has 800 students and 89 tenured or tenure track faculty members.

Havey Mudd’s faculty have won many awards such as the National Academy of Engineering’s 2012 Bernard M. Gordon Prize; Inaugural American Mathematical Society Award; 5 Mathematical Association of America Alder Awards; 2 Mathematical Association of America Haimo Awards; 3 NSF Career Awards; American Physical Society’s (APS) Prize; Council of Undergraduate Research (CUR) Fellow; and 4 Henry Dreyfus Teacher–Scholars in Chemistry.

Harvey Mudd College is accredited by the Accrediting Commission for Senior Colleges and Universities of the Western Association of Schools and Colleges.

Bachelor Programs

  • 301 Platt Blvd, Claremont, CA 91711, United States


    USD 46,234 Tuition Fee

    A general program of biology at the introductory, basic level or a program in biology or the biological sciences that is undifferentiated as to title or content. Includes instruction in general biology and programs covering a variety of biological specializations.

  • 301 Platt Blvd, Claremont, CA 91711, United States


    USD 46,234 Tuition Fee

    A general program that focuses on the scientific study of the composition and behavior of matter, including its micro- and macro-structure, the processes of chemical change, and the theoretical description and laboratory simulation of these phenomena.

  • 301 Platt Blvd, Claremont, CA 91711, United States

    Computer Science

    USD 46,234 Tuition Fee

    A program that focuses on computer theory, computing problems and solutions, and the design of computer systems and user interfaces from a scientific perspective. Includes instruction in the principles of computational science, computer development and programming, and applications to a variety of end-use situations.

  • 301 Platt Blvd, Claremont, CA 91711, United States


    USD 46,234 Tuition Fee

    Instructional programs that prepare individuals to apply mathematical and scientific principles to the solution of practical problems.

  • 301 Platt Blvd, Claremont, CA 91711, United States


    USD 46,234 Tuition Fee

    A general program that focuses on the analysis of quantities, magnitudes, forms, and their relationships, using symbolic logic and language. Includes instruction in algebra, calculus, functional analysis, geometry, number theory, logic, topology and other mathematical specializations.

  • 301 Platt Blvd, Claremont, CA 91711, United States


    USD 46,234 Tuition Fee

    A general program that focuses on the scientific study of matter and energy, and the formulation and testing of the laws governing the behavior of the matter-energy continuum. Includes instruction in classical and modern physics, electricity and magnetism, thermodynamics, mechanics, wave properties, nuclear processes, relativity and quantum theory, quantitative methods, and laboratory methods.

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Admission Requirements

  • Minimum GPA 3.30
  • Minimum incoming TOEFL 100
  • Minimum incoming IELTS 8.00
  • Minimum SAT 1500
  • Minimum ACT 32


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    Established in 1955


    Harvey Mudd College’s faculty’s research interests span the fields of Biology; Chemistry; Computer Science; Engineering; Humanities, Social Sciences, and the Arts; Mathematics; Physics.

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        301 Platt Blvd, Claremont, CA 91711, United States

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          • Testimony
            1991-1996, BS

            HMC is about a broad education, and about taking responsibility for how our work applies to society. This gave me the right skills to make a place for myself in the world that works for me and my family. My expertise turns out to be applying broad knowledge to support others in achieving their goals. Time and again, I remember lessons from my broad HMC education as I navigate the world before me today.

          • Testimony
            1977-1981, BS

            The intensive immersion in science, mathematics and engineering education was effectively balanced by an awareness of the importance of the humanities. The small close-knit community of fellow students and faculty was balanced by the placement of the school within a larger consortium of colleges. I felt entirely at home at Mudd, but ventured to the nearby Claremont college campuses to participate in activities not offered at Mudd at the time -- for example singing in the Four College Choir, taking piano performance classes at Scripps or playing in the Pomona College Symphony. We had the privilege of the small college experience with the resources of a larger university at our disposal. At the time I attended, few of our students went on to medical school, but I believe that has changed. I believe I had an outstanding undergraduate education and would highly recommend Mudd to any student interested in obtaining a very solid undergraduate degree as preparation for pursuing medical school.

          • Testimony
            1991-1994, BS with Distinction and Departmental Honors

            While I was at Harvey Mudd, I had the chance to be one of the founding members of its new engineering honors society (which later became Tau Beta Pi), co-found an aviation club, and lead the volunteer club. Not all at the same time. At a smaller college, it's easier to get involved and have an impact. Plus, you develop an appreciation for warts on buildings.