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The foundation for the seminary were laid back in 1843 by the Free Church of Scotland. It was formerly called the Free Church College. At the time it was established it was the oldest theological colleges in Scotland. Since its beginning, the college has produced great leaders such as Jack Glass (Scottish Protestant preacher, evangelicalist and political activist) and Richard McIlwaine (Eleventh President of Hampden–Sydney College from 1883 to 1904).

  • Average Tuition GBP 4,958

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Edinburgh Theological Seminary understands the need for a Christ centered, religious education to help men and women be a part of mission. The Seminary provides for academic opportunities in ministerial studies and leadership activities.

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  • N Bank St, Edinburgh EH1 2LS, United Kingdom


    GBP 5,000 Tuition Fee

    This program is designed to equip students with the concepts of Theology. The program offers courses that focus on the study of anthropology, philosophy and history in relation to God, nature and religion.


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    Established in 1843

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        N Bank St, Edinburgh EH1 2LS, United Kingdom

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