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Dickinsonis a private, liberal arts college. Conceived during the American Revolution, Dickinson was the first college chartered in the newly recognized U.S. Although it is steeped in history, Dickinson is confident of the future, enterprising in its approach to contemporary challenges.

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During the 19th century, two noted Dickinson College alumni had prominent roles in the years leading up to the Civil War. They were James Buchanan, the 15th President of the United States, and Roger Brooke Taney, Chief Justice of the United States. Taney led the Supreme Court in its ruling on the Dred Scott v. Sandford decision, which held that Congress could not prohibit slavery in federal territories, overturning the Missouri Compromise.

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    Established in 1773


    Henry Clarke, an alumnus who developed the Klondike bar into a national brand for an ice cream bar, founded the Clarke Forum for Contemporary Issues at Dickinson College.

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        28 N College St, Carlisle, PA 17013, United States

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          • Testimony
            1999-2003, BA

            Dickinson prepared me for life in the real world with a global perspective. Learning how to live and learn on your own during the study abroad program in Toulouse, France and mastering the skill to interview in front of a group of people through the International Studies major. A Dickinson education provides the skills to survive in the real world.

          • Testimony
            1962-1966, BA Political Science

            Dickinson College prepares individuals for being professionals in the workplace on "day one" following graduation, regardless of their field of study; including, how to problem solve and think critically. Courses focused not on memorization, but instead, on an individual gaining an indepth understanding of why something in the world or given field, is the way it is or works the way it does.....how it got that way historically....and.....most importantly, what and how society and our political system needs to do to rectify,change, correct, and improve it, using individual skills and knowledge, learned while earning a degree at Dickinson.

          • Testimony
            1985-1989, BA

            Dickinson College is a great place for the open-minded liberal arts student interested in learning -- and learning about the world. Although I treasured the experience I had on campus, in my classes and working with the staff, I especially value my six months overseas. The fact that so many students study abroad -- so many that it's almost expected that you follow suit -- creates a terrific environment. Coming back to campus senior year was especially enjoyable, reconnecting with people who had been so profoundly changed by their overseas experiences and meeting people you just hadn't know before you left.