City College Brighton and Hove

City College of Brighton and Hove is a further education college with its Central Campus located in the North Laine area, in Brighton. The college offers vocational courses in areas of study that includes Accounting, Business and Enterprise, Digital Arts, Engineering, Filmmaking, and Sports.

  • Average Tuition GBP 9,000
  • Students 9,000
  • International Students 5%
  • Total Annual Cost GBP 11,900
  • Campus Setting City Centre

School Description

Students will enjoy living in Brighton and Hove, a vibrant an multicultural city. Known as the 'city by the sea', students can fill their spare time with many activities including visiting one of the most famous beaches in England, Brighton Beach. Other activities include dining out in one of the 400 different restaurants in the city. The city also hosts many festivals, music events, and sporting events throughout the year.

City College of Brighton and Hove hosts over 7000 students each year. Students at the college will be taught by experienced faculty, and they are able to take advantage of the numerous great facilities that are available to them. Some of the facilities include The Student Centre, Sports facilities and Computer Suites. There are also specific benefits for students in each course. For example, students studying tourism have the chance to work at the travel bureau that is available on campus.

Bachelor Programs

  • Brighton, United Kingdom


    GBP 9,000 Tuition Fee

    A program that prepares individuals for the profession or duties of an accountant. The curriculum focuses on the process by which financial information about a business is recorded, classified, summarised, interpreted and communicated

  • Brighton, United Kingdom


    GBP 9,000 Tuition Fee

    A general program of biology at the introductory, basic level or a program in biology or the biological sciences that is undifferentiated as to title or content. Includes instruction in general biology and programs covering a variety of biological specializations.

  • Brighton, United Kingdom


    GBP 9,000 Tuition Fee

    A program that focuses on the general study of business, including the processes of interchanging goods and services (buying, selling and producing), business organization, and accounting as used in profit-making and nonprofit public and private institutions and agencies. The programs may prepare individuals to apply business principles and techniques in various occupational settings.

  • Brighton, United Kingdom

    Computing Research

    GBP 9,000 Tuition Fee

    A program that focuses on the study of scientific computing and its application. Includes instruction in scientific visualization, multi-scale analysis, grid generation, data analysis, applied mathematics, numerical algorithms, high performance parallel computing, and numerical modeling and simulation with applications in science, engineering and other disciplines in which computation plays an integral role.

  • Brighton, United Kingdom


    GBP 9,000 Tuition Fee

    A general program that prepares individuals to express ideas, feelings, and/or inner visions through the performance of one or more of the dance disciplines, including but not limited to ballet, modern, jazz, ethnic, and folk dance, and that focuses on the study and analysis of dance as a cultural phenomenon. Includes instruction in technique, choreography, Laban notation, dance history and criticism, and dance production.

  • Brighton, United Kingdom


    GBP 9,000 Tuition Fee

    A program in the applied visual arts that focuses on the general principles and techniques for effectively communicating ideas and information, and packaging products, in digital and other formats to business and consumer audiences, and that may prepare individuals in any of the applied art media.

  • Brighton, United Kingdom

    Electrical Engineering

    GBP 9,000 Tuition Fee

    A program that prepares individuals to apply mathematical and scientific principles to the design, development and operational evaluation of electrical and electronic systems and their components, including electrical power generation systems; and the analysis of problems such as superconductor, wave propagation, energy storage and retrieval, and reception and amplification.

  • Brighton, United Kingdom


    GBP 9,000 Tuition Fee

    Instructional programs that prepare individuals to apply mathematical and scientific principles to the solution of practical problems.

  • Brighton, United Kingdom

    Information Technology

    GBP 9,000 Tuition Fee

    A program that focuses on the design of technological information systems, including computing systems, as solutions to business and research data and communications support needs. Includes instruction in the principles of computer hardware and software components, algorithms, databases, telecommunications, user tactics, application testing, and human interface design.

  • Brighton, United Kingdom

    Music Production

    GBP 9,000 Tuition Fee

    A program that focuses on the knowledge and skills associated with personal music appreciation, the playing of a musical instrument, singing or recreational composition. This CIP code is not valid for IPEDS reporting.

  • Brighton, United Kingdom


    GBP 9,000 Tuition Fee

    A program that focuses on the principles and techniques of communicating information, ideas, moods, and feelings through the creation of images on photographic film, plates, and digital images and that may prepare individuals to be professional photographic artists. Includes instruction in camera and equipment operation and maintenance, film and plate developing, light and composition, films and printing media, color and special effects, photographic art, photographic history, use of computer applications to record or enhance images and applications to the photography of various subjects.

  • Brighton, United Kingdom

    Vocal Performance

    GBP 9,000 Tuition Fee

    A program that prepares individuals to master the human voice and performing art as solo and/or ensemble performers in concert, choir, opera, or other forms of singing. Includes instruction in voice pedagogy, diction, vocal physiology and exercise, expressive movement, repertoire, recital, and personal style development.

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Admission Requirements

  • Minimum incoming IELTS 6.00


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    Established in 1900s


    City College of Brighton and Hove has its own restaurant called the Gallery, that has catering and hospitality students working as staff.

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            "I’ll always give City College a lot of credit when it comes to my work ethic. I found that I was able to reach a level of maturity at the College because there’s mutual respect between the students and the staff."

          • A

            “The teaching in City College’s hairdressing department is excellent and I was supported and encouraged the whole way through the process of being in Worldskills.”

          • D

            "The course is taught in a way that keeps you interested and the fact that we're treated like adults means that there’s a lot of respect between the tutors and the students. The facilities are excellent and I like the team spirit that we've built up on the course. When I first started, I struggled with some aspects of it but the tutors adapted their style of teaching to suit me and I’m really happy with how I've progressed. I've got a lot of confidence in my skills now and think that the College has prepared me really well for getting into employment after I've finished my studies."