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Bird College is a school specializing in performance. This school strengthens students' talents in areas of music, dance, and other performing arts.

School Description

In order to be granted acceptance, prospective students must send in an application and go through the audition process. A series of talent based examinations can also be used to help in the admissions process. Second auditions are used for students applying for talent based scholarships.

Bachelor Programs

  • The Centre, 27 Station Rd, Sidcup DA15 7EB, United Kingdom

    Professional Dance and Music Theatre

    This program is designed to equip students with the technical and practical knowledge of the elements of Dance. The program offers courses that focus on the study of dance as a cultural phenomenon; dance techniques and choreography; history of dance; and dance production.


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    Established in 1946


    Bird College has four main studio buildings.

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        The Centre, 27 Station Rd, Sidcup DA15 7EB, United Kingdom

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