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Program Description

Arizona State University’s philosophy program includes a 4-year bachelor’s degree option, which requires a student to complete 120 credits. Philosophy is a thoughtful area of study which focuses on human thought and knowledge, and the courses teach students how to analyze the thought processes of themselves and others.

During the program, students may study a variety of forms of philosophy from around the world and throughout history. In addition to broader study in Eastern and Western philosophy, a student may have the opportunity to explore contemporary branches of philosophy, ethics and logic.

Some graduates of a bachelor’s program in philosophy elect to continue their education in pursuit of an additional degree, which is common for career philosophers. Students interested in pursuing their career immediately following completion of their bachelor’s find that the reasoning skills learned in their studies can prepare them for a variety of potential careers, from working in public policy to a job with a non-profit organization.

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ASU's academic programs are spread across campuses in the Phoenix Metropolitan Area; however, unlike most multi-campus institutions, the campuses of ASU are all individually different- each has its own distinct function to fulfill in line with the university's mission.

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