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Program Description

Explore an exciting range of languages as you earn your BA in languages in just four years. Language majors must choose the language they wish to study and take 120 credit hours before graduation. Study the history, culture, writing and communication of a range of international languages, including Arabic, Biblical Hebrew, Modern Hebrew, Persian, Turkish, Chinese, Indonesian, Japanese, Korean, Vietnamese, French, Italian, German, Romanian, Bosnian/Croatian/Serbian, Polish, Russian, Spanish, Portuguese, Latin or Ancient Greek.

From basic language acquisition principles to in-depth language immersion techniques, these courses prepare students to communicate in the target language of study. Students will also enjoy a broader understanding of the cultures and customs that have shaped language development. Whether you’re seeking a career as a translator, international worker or government official, choose the language you wish to study and embark on an exciting journey in international communication. Select relevant elective courses to specialize or broaden your view of your chosen language and culture.

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ASU's academic programs are spread across campuses in the Phoenix Metropolitan Area; however, unlike most multi-campus institutions, the campuses of ASU are all individually different- each has its own distinct function to fulfill in line with the university's mission.

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