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Program Description

Arizona State University’s Bachelor of Science in applied mathematical sciences is a high-demand, transdisciplinary degree applicable in almost any field where mathematical modeling and data analysis are used. The four-year, 120-credit degree is designed for students passionate about directly applying advanced math skills to understand and solve real-world problems while creating predictive models and successful algorithms.

Students will learn flexible problem-solving, how to build an arsenal of tools for a wide range of problems, adapting existing models to new information and methods, and how to communicate with other professionals to acquire the highest-quality information. Faculty will guide students in the development of critical thinking skills and a deep understanding of mathematical theory. An emphasis on precision of definition, reasoning and underlying mathematical principles are essential to the course.

Students receive hands-on experience and must demonstrate an exceptional understanding of applying mathematical principles to real life. They also will choose electives to enhance and complement their degree. While applicable to almost any profession, mathematical science is most relevant to all the applied sciences, including:

• Social sciences

• Biology

• Engineering

• Business

• Government

• Computer science

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