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Program Description

To earn a BA in Language and Area Studies: German/Europe, students will dedicate their work to attaining a proficient level of the German language, in addition to immersing themselves in the complex history of German politics, relations and development as one of Europe’s current powerhouses of economy. Prospective students at American University should earn a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.00 for admission to the course. They should expect to accumulate 120 credit hours at a minimum GPA of 2.00, as well as complete all department major requirements, in order to achieve the distinction of a BA in this course. Over four years, students will be expected to enhance their understanding of German language nuance alongside their education in communication between cultures on diverse topics of gender, identity and race in Europe and the world. Dedication to the complexity of world politics as it relates to both historical and modern Germany will also benefit students in this course.

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