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Program Description

Interested students can earn a BA in Asian Studies from American University in approximately four years. Engaging coursework enables participants to develop an enhanced understanding of Asian history, culture and regional affairs.

The program is designed to provide comprehensive knowledge of this dynamic and culturally rich region of the world. Core assignments focus on philosophy, religious traditions and history. Candidates may also complete courses in Asian literature, economics, and anthropology. Students can also delve into a country-specific or discipline-based studies, such as arts and culture, politics and history or religion and philosophy. A list of potential course offerings may include empires and states in East Asia, Buddhist arts of Asia, Chinese philosophy and Chinese literature and society.

Degree requirements include completion of 120 credit hours, with 39 devoted to fulfilling Asian studies course requirements. The program also mandates completion of a capstone project and proficiency in at least one Asian language, ensuring students achieve a broad educational experience.

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