Postgraduate Degree in New Zealand

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Master's Degree in New Zealand – Postgraduate Academic Degrees

New Zealand offers a unique opportunity for international students and residents alike to gain a quality education in a beautiful foreign country. It has emerged as a major research and training hub that is recognized across the globe. The education system is patterned after the higher education system in the UK, so students can rest assured that they are receiving an education that will be recognized virtually everywhere.

Along with a first-class education, students can learn about and experience the beautiful country of New Zealand and all of its natural beauty. Its subtropical attributes have made it a popular tourist destination for surfing, skiing, spotting wildlife, and more. Individuals also enjoy being able to emerge themselves in the local culture. Pursuing a Master’s degree in New Zealand allows individuals to gain a well-rounded educational and cultural experience.

What is a Master’s Program?

A Master’s program is a form of continued education that an individual may pursue upon completing a Bachelor’s degree or after several years of experience within a certain field or position. Some programmes may require prerequisites, especially if you are switching from a different major than what you received your Bachelor’s degree in. You may choose to pursue a Master’s degree in the arts or sciences. If you are interested in more humanitarian studies, an arts focus might be more beneficial. And if you are good in math and science, a science focus could be best. The type of focus helps to determine the exact path of study, however, both choices provide an in-depth and focused look at the specific industry that you choose. This will provide you with an expertise in the subject matter.

What are the Benefits of Getting a Master’s degree?

There are definitely perks to gaining a Master’s degree. In some cases, it is actually needed for career advancement. With the changes in today’s job market, a high school diploma is not enough to secure a quality job. In fact, many entry-level positions now require that applicants have at least a Bachelor’s degree. Having your Master’s can help to set you apart from the pack. Depending upon your degree programme, it can also provide you with access to exclusive job opportunities that require your specialized education. Along with this benefit, there are other strong incentives for obtaining a Master’s.

  • Higher pay - Though this is not guaranteed, statistics show that in some careers individuals with a Master’s degree can expect to make 15-19% more than those individuals with a Bachelor’s degree, and the difference is drastically larger for those with a high school diploma.
  • Greater job security - Individuals with a Master’s degree tend to have a wide knowledge of the industry as a whole due to their Bachelor’s education, as well as an in-depth understanding of a specific job function. This tends to be very valuable to employers, which serves as an incentive to hire and maintain quality candidates with higher education.
  • Personal achievement - It takes quite a bit of hard work and dedication to achieve a Master’s degree. This can help to enhance an individual’s confidence and job performance.

These are just a few of the benefits that come with obtaining a Master’s degree. There are also rewards that are industry specific.

What Kind of Career Can You Expect with a Master’s degree?

In some industries, having a master’s degree is necessary in obtaining certain positions. For instance, in order to be a professor, most institutions require that you have at least a Master’s degree. While many jobs require that you have a masters degree, there are positions that you can achieve with just an undergraduate degree. But, a master's degree will help you advance within the company or industry. Some of the most common career choices where individuals benefit from pursuing a Master’s are:

  • Financial advisors
  • Programme directors
  • Software engineers
  • Graphic designers
  • Web designers
  • Marketers

Along with pursuing positions with various organizations, a Master’s degree can also prepare you to create and run your own business. Your in-depth knowledge of a subject can provide you with the clout and knowledge needed to succeed.
Pursuing a Master’s degree can provide you with the needed tools for success. However, obtaining your Master’s degree in New Zealand can provide you with a unique, once in a lifetime experience. Along with a first-class education, you would also gain international exposure and great cultural experience. As you weigh your options, consider how an education in New Zealand could be of benefit to you.