Top Master’s in Sports Schools in Canada

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A Master’s in Sports degree is a way for those interested in athletics or for former athletes to turn their love of sports into a valuable credential. If you envision yourself working within the field of sports management, this may be a great way to get started. Canada has a selection of great universities that offer graduate programs studying sports. It is common that people in these programs have some sort of sports or athletic background in the form of a Bachelor’s degree.

What Is a Master’s in Sports?

Most programs that lead to a Master’s in Sports degree offer students various areas of specialisation within the field. With the increased popularity of sports and recreation programs around the world, this type of graduate study is becoming more in demand. Whether you want to go into work that involves professional sports, collegiate level sports or simply community recreation, this type of degree may give you the necessary tools.
Students in a graduate sports course of study may focus on specific areas related to careers in the field. Some of the areas of specialisation include sports management, coaching, recreation studies or health and fitness. Depending on the specialisation program you choose, you may be able to make a transition into an exciting career.
If you are currently employed in some type of sports organisation, this degree may help you get closer to a leadership position.
Schools in Canada that provide graduate courses in sports are the University of Toronto, the University of New Brunswick, the University of Western Ontario and Queen’s University.

If you choose to pursue this field, your degree could take about two to three years to complete. Once you near the end of your program, you may have to participate in a field experience related to your possible career path. Additionally, a graduate program in sports may offer an opportunity for classroom instruction, reading and written analysis. Class topics may include:

  • Issues in Sports: Students discuss today’s important issues related to sports, including performance enhancement drugs, economics, diversity and youth sports programs.
  • Sports Psychology: The psychological issues that come along with sports performance and exercise science are discussed in this type of course.
  • Nutrition and Health: Students are exposed to the ways that proper nutrition and health choices can enhance someone’s performance in sports.  
  • Coaching Techniques: Students learn basic coaching techniques for various types of sports, including individual, team or departmental types.
  • Internship Experience: Students choose an internship experience that aligns with their career goals after graduation.

What Are the Benefits of Getting a Master’s in Sports in Canada?

Getting your Master’s in Sports exposes you to different topics that are not only useful in a career in sports, but are also useful in life. You may learn about ways to maximise your nutritional choices in order to achieve better physical performance in your own experience. This degree also opens up doors to advancement or leadership within recreation or health club careers. Working in an administrative department in sports can give you the benefit of a high salary.

What Kind of Career Can You Expect With a Master’s in Sports?

Your Master’s in Sports degree can be customised to match the career goal you are looking for. If you want to manage a sports team, either professionally or through a college team, you can work in the administrative offices. Those who want to coach a team can get the necessary academic skills in order to help make their dream happen. Another possibility with this degree is working in the health club industry. This lucrative field can have you managing a health club or even opening your own fitness facility. If you want to be more hands-on, you may want to work as a personal trainer. Community recreation departments also need people with the skills that a Master’s in Sports teaches. Graduates could help run a recreation office for a local region or town, giving youth and adults access to a variety of programs. Finally, professional athletes who are looking to supplement their performance may find this degree program helpful.

If you want to turn your love of sports into a career, a Master’s in Sports degree may be a good choice. Look for information from the best programs available in Canada to get you to reach your goals.