Master’s in Sports Management in the US

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A Master’s in Sports Management is a graduate programme focused on health, business, community recreation and international relations. Graduates of accredited programmes typically enter management roles in community departments, K-12 education, universities, or with one of the many national and international sports organizations and federations. Plus, studying in the US gives international students a huge advantage when it comes to networking. The country is heavily connected and a degree from the US is internationally recognized.

What Is a Master’s in Sports Management?

A Master’s in Sports Management is designed for students who want to grow into leadership positions within community, collegiate, corporate or professional recreation. Nearly all US schools welcome both domestic and international applicants, and they accept working professionals, former athletes and recent graduates. Coursework depends on the school and specific programme, but common classes include the following:

  • Managerial accounting
  • Sports marketing
  • Media relations
  • Broadcasting
  • Sports policy and law
  • Physiology and human kinetics
  • Athletic training
  • Hospitality
  • Organizational change
  • Events planning
  • Facilities management
  • Community recreation
  • NCAA regulation
  • Coaching theory

Master’s programmes in the US generally require at least 30 credit hours of graduate-level coursework. Some schools also require six credit hours of thesis work.

What Are the Benefits of Getting a Master’s in Sports Management in the United States?

Pursuing a graduate degree in sports management in the United States is an excellent route to intentional exposure. The US is highly respected in the industry and also heavily involved in national and global organizations. Here are the major benefits for domestic and international applicants:

  • Access to industry professionals, including professional athletes, directors and health experts
  • The freedom to specialize in business, coaching, training, motorsports, kinesiology and more
  • Excellent opportunities for research and advanced degrees (PhD)
  • Tailored programmes for retired athletes
  • Remote learning options

Many schools also help students secure internships between their first and second year. This is a great way to get valuable real-world experience, particularly for intentional candidates. For example, the University of Texas at Austin encourages all students to begin working in the industry while in the programme. Furthermore, the school’s athletic department is one of the most well respected collegiate business entities in the country. The sports management program is a great jump off point for practical application or advanced research. Other notable schools include Arizona State, Michigan State, University of San Francisco and California State.

The US hosts hundreds of international sporting events each year. It is home to motocross, the NFL and the NBA. It remains a key player in both summer and winter Olympic games, and US universities are highly ranked on the international level. Most sports management programmes welcome students from all academic backgrounds, including business, liberal arts, broadcasting, medicine and political science.

What Kind of Career Can You Expect with a Master’s in Sports Management?

Graduating in sports management opens a lot of door all over the world. It allows athletes and enthusiasts to move up the ranks in the industry they love. Jobs involve a variety of functions, including marketing, accounting, facilities management, administration, human resources, coaching, IT, PR and more. Here’s a quick list of common employer categories in the industry:

  • Professional sport leagues, such as the NFL or MLB
  • College athletic departments
  • Stadiums, training facilities and other athletic venues
  • Local school districts
  • Community sport leagues
  • Municipal government (parks and recreation)
  • Youth summer camps
  • Corporate wellness departments
  • FIFA and other international federations

Many graduates may choose to work strictly in fitness or hospitality. Training gyms commonly hire masters graduates for management and administrative functions, while large hotels and resorts typically staff entire recreation departments. Because graduate sports programmes tend to incorporate more business concepts than do undergraduate programmes, students are well equipped to begin their own heath clubs should they choose to do so. This generally requires specific licenses, which vary by state and country.

Finally, a Master’s in Sports Management is ideal for professionals seeking a career that is more focused on intimate interaction with clients. Whether you are interested in mentoring, conditioning, coaching or corporate wellness, a master’s degree is a good way to stand above the competition. Aspiring hopefuls in this category should hone in on elective courses in kinesiology, coaching methods and sports psychology.

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