Master’s in Sports Management

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Because sports is a global industry with quite a few related industries, it makes sense that colleges and universities all over the world offer Master’s degree programs in Sports Management. Job opportunities are varied, with many sports management graduates working as athletics directors, public relations directors for professional sports teams, sports agents and more.
In the US, universities offering this degree include Southern New Hampshire University and Columbia University, while UK these include the University of Portsmouth and Coventry University. Canada and Australia are among the many other countries offering such programs.

What Is a Master’s in Sports Management?

One goal of a Master’s in Sports Management program is to prepare graduates to become effective leaders well versed in the nuances of sports. Many schools allow students to focus on areas of sports that interest them or skill areas of interest. For example, at Coventry University, students can take courses covering topics such as:

  • Finance in sports
  • The organisation and governance of sports
  • Legalities
  • Broadcasting
  • Event operations management
  • Business leadership skills
  • Market research
  • Entrepreneurship

Meanwhile, Columbia University offers specific study in sports analytics, digital sports media and global sports. Regardless of the school, students typically do a capstone project and internship in addition to their classes.

What Are the Benefits of Earning a Master’s in Sports Management?

Numerous benefits await students who seek to earn a Master’s in Sports Management. To list just a few:

  • Schedules are flexible; students can enrol part time or full time and may be able to take some classes online.
  • The educational opportunities are diverse, with a huge selection of schools and programs worldwide.
  • Faculty members are experienced, with many continuing to work in the world of sports.
  • A Master’s offers enhanced career and salary prospects compared with a Bachelor’s degree.
  • Students improve their skills in areas such as management, research, marketing and business.

In addition, many students can apply what they learn to work opportunities no matter where they live. This is due to the emphasis on global sports in programs.

What Kind of Career Can You Expect with a Master’s in Sports Management?

A Master’s in Sports Management can lead to a diverse range of careers. They include:

  • Sports development manager
  • Sports lecturer
  • Program manager
  • Fitness expert
  • Gym owner
  • Sports agent
  • Public relations director
  • Sports team marketer
  • Athletic director
  • Personal trainer

For example, a sports agent is a professional who represents players in worlds such as basketball, baseball and hockey. The agents negotiate with teams to land the best deals for their clients, help take care of their clients’ taxes and set the groundwork for product endorsements, among other duties. On the other hand, a sports public relations director might instead be called sports publicist, sports team publicist, marketing director or public relations specialist. These people try to engage the public with their player, team or client, and many also work for companies selling products such as athletic footwear and athletic gear.

Graduates of Master’s degree programs in Sports Management have many promising career opportunities. Since many colleges and universities worldwide offer this program, start today to look into your options.