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What is a Master’s Program in Sports?

The field of sports is an area that continues to experience a consistent growth; as much as seven percent a year since 2009. According to reports from major global management firms such as PricewaterhouseCooper and A T Kearney, the sports industry worldwide can expect further growth in the coming years, as it incorporates new developments in training, stadium design and media communications. This industry includes several aspects, with each one demanding a thorough knowledge of sports along with specialised professional skills. In addition to careers focusing on the physical aspect of sports, such as coaching and training. The sports industry includes promotion, management and administrative positions at a variety of levels. Many universities worldwide offer master’s degree programs in sports for students who have completed their undergraduate studies.

A master’s degree program in sports will generally focus on one of two major areas in the field: sport management and sport science. Some programs may combine aspects of both. A management-focused curriculum will often include courses on general management, finance and administration in order to provide a solid understanding of basic principles. You will then learn how these principles are applied in the world of sport management. If you select a program with an emphasis on sport science, your curriculum is likely to feature courses in general health, kinesiology, sports injuries, coaching and nutrition. Some additional topics you can expect to explore include:

  • Sports psychology
  • Group dynamics
  • Sport hospitality management
  • Rules and procedures of various international athletic competitions

Many sports programs also include courses focusing on working with international teams, athletes and sports organisations. Your program can also help you gain practical experience through internship and mentoring opportunities in the field.

What Are the Benefits of Getting a Master's degree in Sports?

Earning a postgraduate degree in sports is a good way to obtain the skills and connections you need to move ahead. Sports programs at many schools throughout the world are often able to offer a great degree of flexibility depending on your specific area of interest. A Master’s degree in Sports is an excellent choice for students who love athletics and want to work in an athletic environment. Obtaining a Master’s in Sports can help you strengthen and utilise your unique strengths, whether those lie in management, coaching, promotion or one of the many other sports-adjacent professional fields. Students who are interested in helping others achieve their fitness goals will also gain valuable skills and insights that will help them perform their jobs at the highest level.

A postgraduate degree in sports provides increased focus and a better understanding of your discipline. As an advanced graduate degree program, a Master's in Sports also offers leadership skills and connections via mentorships and field experience. A sports degree also offers an advantage for students wishing to study and work internationally. If you want to progress to the top of your profession, earning an advanced degree is a smart investment. Whether you want to manage a team or coach an athlete, you will have the opportunity to gain the skills you need for success.

If your interest in sports is more academic, obtaining a master’s degree in the field can be an important step on your way to further research and study for higher degrees. While not all doctoral programs will require a master’s degree, earning one will give you the knowledge you need to succeed on higher academic levels.

Potential Careers for Graduates of a Master’s Program in Sports

Graduates of a master’s program in sports are able to choose their career based on where their interests lie. Many degree holders pursue careers in managing athletes, professional teams, sports facilities and recreational exercise, and fitness centres. Other students may go on to focus on team and club promotions, marketing, publicity or administration. Students who choose to focus on the health and fitness aspect often go on to pursue careers in coaching, training or rehabilitation. While many graduates become involved with professional athletics, others choose to work in college or amateur sport, depending on the type of setting they prefer.

Sports degree programs can also add a specialised skill base to boost your career in related fields such as tourism, hospitality, recreation and food and beverage services. Sports today constitute a sprawling international industry with many offshoots and supporting industries. Gaining the advanced knowledge of sports management offered by many master’s programs can help you focus your career and find your industry niche. With the knowledge you gain from your degree curriculum, you will be well equipped to work with professional sports organisations and cater to athletes, fans or fitness enthusiasts.

Many academic institutions offer several options for obtaining a master’s degree in sports, and can be flexible in allowing students to take courses that focus on their interests. Many programs are open to international students and offer flexible schedules. SchoolApply is a great way to get information about programs you are interested in and find the one that is best suited to your interests and strengths. We can help you maximise your potential by matching you with the sports program that is right for you.

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