Best Master’s in Sociology in the US

Master’s in Sociology in the US

A Master’s in Sociology gives scholars a thorough education that they can use for competitive job placement after they graduate. Students participate in research and academics in order to become proficient in this field. Many of the top sociology programs in the US require rigorous discipline and involve community projects. The caliber of these programs can translate to excellent job placement.

What Is a Master’s in Sociology?

Those who pursue a Master’s in Sociology obtain a thorough education in human relationships and interactions. These professionals also study institutions and how individuals operate within them. Students may wish to focus on a specific area of sociology including, family conflicts, gender and racial identity, global issues like migration, religiosity and social customs.

Students take a number of different courses for this degree, which may include such subjects as:

  • Classical theory
  • Contemporary theory
  • Field work
  • Qualitative methods
  • Social data analysis
  • Social action and change

Students can pursue many different occupations with a sociology degree. Obtaining this degree from the US can set you apart from other applicants. It can also give you a different cultural experience that will enhance your own sociological understanding.

What Are the Benefits of Getting a Master’s in Sociology in the US?

Since sociology is by nature the study of people, studying in another country can help you glean even more insight. There are other benefits to getting this degree in the US as well, including:

  • Being able to choose from top colleges, such as Columbia University in New York, Johns Hopkins University in Maryland, and New York University (NYU).
  • Experiencing a different culture and gaining independence.
  • The ability to immerse yourself in a highly competitive program and learn from innovators in the field.

When you begin looking for work, having a Master’s degree from a US college or university can help. Employers often prefer candidates who have studied abroad, as it shows versatility. Many companies in other countries recognise a US degree.

What Kind of Career Can You Expect with a Master’s in Sociology?

A Master’s in Sociology opens scholars up to a wide range of possible professions after graduation. Many companies and managers appreciate how well rounded this degree is. Graduates may wish to pursue any number of occupations. They may choose corporate work, grass roots work, teaching or researching, among others.

Some graduates choose degrees in urban planning. Urban planners are involved with the continual growth of a geographic area. Also called regional planners or city planners, they may offer guidance regarding different types of development. Some include schools, roads or parks. The job duties of an urban planner may include:

  • Designing plans for land use, public facilities, zoning, utilities and housing and transportation.
  • Evaluating proposals and determining whether they should be approved or denied.
  • Determining whether proposals are feasible and pointing out any changes that need to be made.
  • Working closely with lawyers, social scientists, developers and the government concerning land use plans.

Some graduates become clinical sociologists. Clinical sociologists are involved in solving real world problems. They may work with individuals or organizations. They often work in such fields as mental health, conflict resolution, social work or market analysis. Other common fields are social policy, education, and community and economic development. The day-to-day duties of a clinical sociologist vary greatly, depending on the specific area the sociologist works in. However, some overarching principles include the following:

  • Using social theory to help others on a practical level.
  • Being self-aware about one’s own use of the theory.
  • Proactively offering theoretical perspectives to customers, patients and clients.
  • Understanding social systems in order to address any problems.
  • Using research methods to evaluate a problem and offer a solution.

Those who obtain a Master’s in Sociology may also pursue employment as teachers and professors. A PhD is needed for the majority of college-level teaching assignments. However, it is often possible to find employment in community colleges. A college instructor is responsible for leading courses in sociology to different classroom sizes. The instructors lead discussion groups, create syllabi and grade papers and tests. Instructors hold office hours to meet with students individually. They may also be involved in overseeing clubs and programs on campus.

A Master’s in Sociology is a broad degree that enables professionals to pursue a variety of job placements. Receiving this degree from a US institution can give you an edge over the competition. Begin your search for the perfect sociology program today.