Master’s in Political Science in Canada – Make Your Goals Possible

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If you have always been fascinated by how government and the system of politics works, a Master’s in Political Science degree may be right for you. You can get an advanced degree in this field by finding a postgraduate program in Canada. Career opportunities abound after receiving this coveted degree. With a Bachelor’s degree from an undergraduate university, you should be eligible to submit an application for postgraduate study.

What Is a Master’s in Political Science?

A Master’s in Political Science combines the study of several different disciplines in the social sciences. Students pursuing advanced degrees in political science may learn about politics, power and their effect on society. Theories and ideas from economics, history, geography, law and philosophy may all form the basis of political science ideology. Finishing your Master’s degree in Canada may be possible in one year. Some students may take up to three years to complete the requirements. Programs in political science can prepare students for careers in politics or other related fields. Canadian universities that award Master’s degrees in this field are University of Alberta, University of Calgary, University of Victoria, Simon Fraser University and York University.

Most programs begin with general ideas about political science and theory. Some postgraduate programs specialise in Canadian, American or global politics. Writing and a research component may also be a big part of a Master’s in Political Science degree. Here is a preview of some of the sample courses that may be part of your program:

  • Public Policy Analysis: Students get an introduction to politics and policy. Various ideas and theories are presented about these terms.
  • Government: Depending on a student’s focus, the role and purpose of a country’s government may be analysed.
  • Political Philosophy: Different philosophies about politics from the past and today are examined in this type of course.
  • Global Politics: Students examine other types of government and international political issues of today.
  • Research Project: Students may be asked to complete either a research paper or a dissertation in order to finalise their degree.

What Are the Benefits of Getting a Master’s in Political Science in Canada?

The Master’s in Political Science degree gives you some flexibility when it comes to your career path. The degree is a good choice for those who may not be entirely decided about which field to go into within the social sciences. It also is a great way to develop stronger public speaking, writing, analytical and negotiating skills. Having a Master’s degree can help open doors of opportunity for you within your career, especially positions of leadership. It is also more possible to earner higher salaries with a stronger educational background.

What Kind of Career Can You Expect With a Master’s in Political Science?

A Master’s in Political Science degree is a great way to get qualifications for a variety of work experiences. The possible fields you may be skilled for are politics, government, education or communication. There may even be opportunities for people with political science degrees in international work. If you lose interest in the political world, you could additionally find work in private businesses.

The most popular path for graduates of a Master’s in Political Science program is political work. You could be part of a political campaign as an advisor, campaign manager or speechwriter. This could help you influence the way your local area or region is governed. Another top path for graduates is with government employment. Graduates may be hired as public affair specialists or political scientists for various federal agencies. Some individuals may even work within the office of the prime minister or president of a nation. If teaching is part of your career goals, you could find work as a secondary educator for upper level students in history or politics. Additionally, you may decide to go into a doctorate program with your expertise. Since communication is a big part of this field, some former students end up working in the media. They may be political reporters or offer commentary on current situations in world or local politics. Foreign affairs may also be an option with working in one of the many embassies around the world. Finally, you could play an important role if hired by a private company that depends on the system of politics for its success.

A career awaits you in politics or another field with a Master’s in Political Science degree. If you are thinking about your future plans, a graduate program may be the best option.

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