Top UK Master’s in Philosophy Schools

Master’s in Philosophy in the UK 

A Master’s in Philosophy degree is a postgraduate course of study in philosophical issues. Students spend a lot of time reading, analysing and critically thinking when reflecting on questions of meaning and existence in life. This type of degree is geared towards individuals who are interested in developing a deep understanding of philosophy. For most programs in the UK, it is expected that an applicant has a previous university degree within this or a related field.

What Is a Master’s in Philosophy?

The foundation of philosophy looks for students to generate deep and meaningful questions about life. A Master’s in Philosophy may take these questions further and look for even more challenging things to ponder. In postgraduate study, students may focus their studies on specific aspects of philosophy. Philosophy studies may also require students to learn various theories related to the subject. After theory, you may get into more detail with famous philosophers and their contributions to the field. There are also different philosophies in various regions or historical periods. Schools in the UK that provide programs leading to the Master’s in Philosophy are University College London, the University of Birmingham, the University of Nottingham and King’s College London.

After working in the program for a year or two, you could complete and finish the degree. Throughout your coursework, you may be working towards a specific research goal to be presented to your supervisors. Beyond conducting your research, postgraduate coursework in philosophy may include critical reading, expository writing and lecture instruction. Some students’ philosophy studies are specifically geared towards helping prepare them for a doctorate program. Classes that may be offered in a Master’s in Philosophy program are:

  • Ethics and Morals: Students may discuss the concept of ethics and morals and how people develop their own code of right or wrong.
  • History of Philosophy: Some students may choose a specific time period to analyse and learn about the philosophical movements of the era.
  • Metaphysics: Students may learn about the science of metaphysics and how it affects societies.
  • Philosophy of Logic: Students can develop stronger analytical thinking skills by examining the philosophy of logic to help solve problems.
  • Dissertation: During program participation, students may be asked to investigate a problem related to philosophy and analyse possible outcomes.

What Are the Benefits of Getting a Master’s in Philosophy in the UK?

A benefit that a Master’s in Philosophy degree gives you is a greater understanding of the big questions about existence, life and the universe. You can also get a strong background in research, critical thinking, informative writing and academic reading skills. Those are the top skills that prepare you for a demanding job. This degree is a great way to get closer to admission to a doctorate program as well. In addition, you could find more career possibilities headed your way with a postgraduate education.

What Kind of Career Can You Expect With a Master’s in Philosophy?

A Master’s in Philosophy degree is one that helps you develop solid skills for almost any type of work. Some fields that go well with the topics explored in philosophy are law, education, writing, public service or management. If you plan to continue working in the subject of philosophy, there is the option of going further with your education. Those who strive to be professors or university researchers can pursue a doctorate.

If becoming an academic philosopher is not one of your career goals, there are plenty of other job titles that could work with this degree. If the field of law interests you, you could continue that interest and enrol in law school to be a lawyer. You could also start working in the field of law or politics assisting people with their message to the public. Getting a job as a secondary school educator is a possibility as well. Teaching the social sciences or English may work well with this degree. In addition, you could use this degree to start a writing career that uses the tools you learned in your work. Working in public service in a top level position is also possible with this postgraduate degree. There is also the option of finding a leadership job as a manager in another industry.

If you are ready to question things more and reflect about possible answers, then a Master’s in Philosophy degree may be a good fit. Get more information about some programs that are found in the UK to help you get this degree.