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Master’s in Liberal Studies in Canada 

The Master’s in Liberal Studies is taught across the globe and is intended to help students get a taste of several different subjects for advanced study. Rather than having a program that mainly focuses on one topic, liberal studies aims to allow students more flexibility. This philosophy of education could help someone have more options down the road for job choices. The main requirement for admission into a graduate liberal studies program is that you have a Bachelor’s degree in one of the liberal arts’ topics.

What Is a Master’s in Liberal Studies?

Liberal studies, or liberal arts, have been around since the middle of the 20th century as college students began seeking more interdisciplinary programs. In ancient times, the liberal arts made up the basic curriculum of advanced study. Today, many colleges and universities use the term to describe undergraduate course requirements. In this context, it refers to the general education requirements in many different subjects across the curriculum that are taken before the classes in the major program. Typically, after graduation with a Bachelor’s degree, the Master’s program is completely specialised. The Master’s in Liberal Studies program is not like many other traditional graduate programs. Instead of a narrow focus on one topic, a liberal studies graduate program continues to offer a variety of course topics. Instead of focusing on the subject material, liberal studies programs maintain a goal of helping students develop marketable job skills for their future. There are graduate liberal studies degree programs in Canadian schools such as Simon Fraser University, the University of British Columbia and Thompson Rivers University.

Once you have decided to pursue this path, you can usually finish this degree in two or three years. Many degree programs in this field are customised to the particular school’s philosophy or student interests. That means that every program is totally unique. Some typical topics that could be part of a liberal studies degree program include:

  • History: Some students elect to focus their work on the history of an entire civilisation or a specific region or time period.
  • Literature: It is expected that you may spend time reading and interpreting a genre or author that interests you in your program.
  • Writing: You may be allowed to choose the type of writing you want to develop, such as expository, creative or technical writing.  
  • Modern Languages: To complete your liberal education, you may want to work on your foreign language proficiency in French, Spanish or German.
  • Independent Capstone Project: Before choosing your classes, you must always consider what type of final capstone project you are working towards.

What Are the Benefits of Getting a Master’s in Liberal Studies in Canada?

The best thing about a Master’s in Liberal Studies is the amount of flexibility and choice most programs give to students. Instead of you having to work around a college’s course requirements, you can help design your own program based on what you want to learn. The end result leaves you with valuable skills in critical thinking, analysis, writing and decision making. This type of degree can truly take you anywhere, so it is a great choice for those who want to make more money or advance in their current position.

What Kind of Career Can You Expect With a Master’s in Liberal Studies?

Because of the nature of the Master’s in Liberal Studies program, it is not really designed for one particular career in mind. Many people find it helpful if they are already working in a field that requires graduate education. Those who need a graduate credential to be promoted or get a salary increase can benefit greatly from this type of program. A liberal studies degree may also be especially useful to those who want to teach. Elementary educators may find the course selections practical to help them gain knowledge in many different topics. Some programs are more specialised to specific careers, so be sure to investigate one that may be close to your job goals. A Master’s in Liberal Studies may also be an effective precursor to law school admission or preparation for a doctorate program.

Those who need to find a versatile graduate program should look into the Master’s in Liberal Studies degree. Getting your degree through a Canadian school can help you find the quality and prestige that helps you achieve more in your career.

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