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Master’s in Humanities in Canada – Expand Your Liberal Postgraduate Education

The Master’s in Humanities degree offers students a way to study a combination of subjects all related to human society. This interdisciplinary approach makes it possible for you to prepare for some flexibility in your future career path. Students who are looking for enrichment to their current career, or those looking to build the groundwork for a new job, can both find what they are looking for in this type of program. In general, it is expected for students to have completed a Bachelor’s level program before considering this degree.

What Is a Master’s in Humanities?

Students who have an assortment of subject interests may benefit most from a degree program related to humanities. The Master’s in Humanities degree is one of the few programs around that allows you to gain knowledge in a variety of topics. Some of the possible subjects that humanities covers include history, art, religion, philosophy, music, literature and language study. No other degree program can offer such a comprehensive look at the world of human culture. With a program like this, you may have many different academic demands placed upon you, but you can expect to be rewarded with more skills that are attractive to employers upon graduation. Because of the vast selection of course offerings in humanities, the students around you in your program may come from a variety of backgrounds. You may have people currently working in their careers, such as teachers or administrators, and you may also encounter people looking to go on to doctorate study. Some of the best programs you can find in Canada for graduate humanities degrees are York University, Memorial University of Newfoundland, Carleton University and Brock University.

Depending on whether or not you plan to work full time while enrolled in graduate school, you may be able to finish this program in about two years. Some students take a little longer to complete, and finish in three or more years. Some common classes you may see in this type of program include:

  • Humanities Seminar: Students may practise critically reading various types of text within the context of art, history, literature, philosophy or music.
  • Art History: The impact of different styles of art during a historical period may be discussed and analysed.
  • Comparative Literature: Students are exposed to unique types of literature and use close reading techniques to make comparisons in style and purpose.  
  • Society and Culture: The history of civilisation and culture may be examined for a particular region of the world.
  • Research Project: To demonstrate mastery of the subject of humanities, you may need to complete a research paper or project that covers various topics.

What Are the Benefits of Getting a Master’s in Humanities in Canada?

A Master’s in Humanities degree allows students to work on many different skills at once and cover several different interesting subjects. For those who have a passion for numerous topics, this is a great way to gain knowledge about more than one thing. The expertise you gain from this degree specialisation is helpful to many people who need to learn how to think critically, write effectively and make better interpretations. Whether you are trying to advance in the career you are already part of, or you are trying to start a new type of job, this degree may help. You can also expect to earn more money over time with this postgraduate credential.

What Kind of Career Can You Expect With a Master’s in Humanities?

Once you have received your Master’s in Humanities degree, it could take you to many places. A popular job setting is within a secondary school as a teacher. You may be qualified to teach English, history, writing or other topics associated with humanities. It is also realistic to see people with this degree working as a writer. The useful written communication skills gained from this program can lead to a fruitful writing career in publishing or another industry. With the background in history, you could also work as a historian for a government organisation or non-profit foundation. A museum curator may also be a viable source of income for those who have an interest in that type of work. Finally, some graduates elect to continue studying one or more of the topics covered in their coursework with a doctorate program.

A Master’s in Humanities degree may be the perfect type of program for your needs. Reach your goals by taking a look at some school options for you in Canada.


Laurentian University

Sudbury, Canada

  • N/ASchoolApply Rank
  • USD 17,288Average Tuition
  • 100%Acceptance Rate

Laurentian University is a bilingual, multicultural University situated in Sudbury near the Lake Laurentian Conservation Area in Ontario, Canada. The institute offers a wide range of bachelor's degree programs in English and French through its five faculties of Arts; Education; Health; Management and Science, Engineering & Architecture....

Brock University

Saint Catharines, Canada

  • N/ASchoolApply Rank
  • USD 16,746Average Tuition
  • 60%Acceptance Rate

Brock University is a public, research university located in St. Catharines, Ontario. The university offers bachelor's and master's degree programs through seven schools and faculties that include the Goodman School of Business, Faculty of Applied Health Sciences, and the Marilyn I. Walker School of Fine and Performing Arts....