Master’s in Criminology in Canada

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Master’s in Criminology in Canada – Expand Your Career Options

Earning a graduate degree in criminology can put your career into the fast lane for more opportunities and a higher salary. As crime continues to be a hot topic around the world, those with advanced degrees in this field are in hot demand. Police departments, public policy offices, investigative organisations and universities all need intelligent and skilled individuals with this degree. In most cases, people with either an undergraduate degree or experience in the field move on to more advanced courses.

What Is a Master’s in Criminology?

There are many schools in Canada that offer postgraduate degrees in criminology. Typically, a student could complete a program within one or two years of full-time study. Some individuals may pursue their degree while working full-time in criminal justice, completing their courses on a part-time basis. With some programs, students are required to develop a thesis and conduct original research. Some of the best schools in Canada that offer a Master’s in Criminology are Simon Fraser University, University of Ottawa, University of Toronto and Saint Mary’s University.

Students enrolled in advanced study of criminal justice must analyse the characteristics of crime. They must determine some of the reasons why criminals do what they do. Additionally, criminology students study sociological aspects of crime and punishment. Most programs have students taking a close look at policing policies and public safety campaigns as well. Here are some examples of course topics in a program of study for criminology:

  • Issues in Criminology: Students may examine current methods of dealing with crime and controversies related to policing and punishment.
  • Crime Prevention: In a course like this, ideas are discussed about methods of keeping crime levels lower, such as community outreach, education and welfare programs.
  • Cyber Criminology: With new ways of committing crimes becoming more common in the 21st century, some students may look at this developing topic.  
  • Leadership in Criminology: Students prepare to make decisions as leaders in their field.
  • Research: Most programs in graduate study give students a chance to develop a research project. Classes in research help prepare students to go into the field and measure and report data.

What Are the Benefits of Getting a Master’s in Criminology in Canada?

Students who make a commitment to furthering their education in criminology get access to many more options. Their career choices are less limited, and they can look forward to increasing their pay with their new expertise. With an impressive knowledge of criminal justice, doors to new careers can be opened in a variety of settings. Graduates of programs in criminology also get a deeper understanding of why crime occurs and how to prevent it in their own daily lives. Additionally, a Master’s in Criminology prepares you for a leadership role. If you are looking to go beyond your current role in criminal justice and be more of a decision maker, this may be the right path.

What Kind of Career Can You Expect With a Master’s in Criminology?

After finishing all of the requirements of a Master’s in Criminology, many graduates may elect to work in the public sector. In most cases, graduates work in police departments or other law enforcement agencies. If already employed in one of these organisations, an individual may choose to pursue a position of leadership. It is also common to step into a new organisation in a new supervisory role.

Students who choose to work in the public sector with their criminology expertise may often find work in the upper levels of management. If working at a police department, you may take on the role of a detective or police supervisor. In corrections, some graduates work as a correctional officer supervisor. Some government agencies may also find your qualifications useful as a criminologist. Organisations that determine public policy for the country, a province or a city often recruit people with knowledge of crime and prevention strategies. Criminologists may work with lawmakers or other governing officials to plan public policy that addresses contemporary crime. Finally, some students elect to further their study even more by pursuing a doctoral degree.

If you are thinking about going further in your criminal justice career, a Master’s in Criminology may be the right choice. Continuing your study in Canada may be a great way to get closer to your financial and career goals. Take the initiative, and find out more about which programs may be the right fit for you.