Masters in Religious Education

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Master Degree Programs in Religious Education

Master’s programs are graduate level courses of study aimed designed with the goal of giving students the professional tools needed to succeed in the job market. Students should complete a Bachelor’s degree in a subject similar to their Master’s focus, but this is not always a requirement. Usually, students take one to two years of full time study to complete these programs depending on the curricula.

What Is a Master’s Program in Religious Education?

A Master’s program in Religious Education focuses on giving students the tools to think critically and teach others about religion. Students can choose to specialise and that will affect the progression and requirements of their education. However, examples of common courses includes:

  • Hebrew: For students focusing on Christianity or Judaism, learning Hebrew is important for understanding primary religious sources and texts. Students may be expected to complete a high level of this or another language.
  • Readings in Judaism: In courses like these, students will closely examine important documents in the religion and culture of Judaism. From ancient guidelines to modern schools of thought, students gain insight into Judaism.
  • East Asian Religions: Students are exposed to eastern religions like Buddhism and Confucianism. They learn how East Asian religions evolved into present day forms due to internal and external influences.  
  • Religion Within African American Culture: Coursework will highlight the role religion plays in African American culture. To gain context, students may study native African religions, Islam, Christianity and Judaism.
  • Religious Theories: Why do humans need religion? How are religions structurally similar or different? What qualifies as a religion or a cult? Students will study religious theoretical topics in depth.

What Are the Benefits of Getting a Master’s in Religious Education?

Following the completion of a Master’s degree, students enjoy a range of benefits like a higher starting salary. They are prepared for the rigors of Doctorate level study if they wish to pursue more advanced education. They also that competitive skills and knowledge, which means that have an expanded job pool.

What Kind of Career Can You Expect With a Master’s in Religious Education?

After completing their Master’s, many students will move on to similar programs at the Doctorate level, but others will choose to dive directly into the job market. Common job titles include:

  • Post Secondary Educator: In colleges and universities, graduates teach others about the concepts and pillars of religious studies and topics. They may need to acquire a teaching licences as well.
  • Journalist/Writer: With their specialised knowledge, graduates are prepared to offer deep insights into regions rife with religious tensions. They may also choose to help religious leaders write their guidance texts.
  • Museum Curator: For those wishing to work slightly outside the typical religious sector, graduates can be great assets to museums and similar institutions steep in religious histories and exhibits.

Are you contemplating how to find Master degree programs in Religious Education that are right for you? When you vet potential programs, take a look at the curriculum and available specialisations. If they match up with your interests and career goals, you know you found the right program.

University of Chester

Chester, United Kingdom

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  • USD 14,563Average Tuition
  • 65%Acceptance Rate

The University of Chester is one of the oldest universities in the UK. Founded in 1839, it is a public university situated in Chester, England. The University has dedicated faculties, through which it delivers master’s degree programs to local and international students. ...

Lipscomb University

Nashville, United States

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  • USD 38,700Average Tuition
  • 61%Acceptance Rate

Lipscomb University, established in 1891, is a Christian University with students from over 50 countries, and located in the Green Hills area of Nashville in Tennessee, USA. The University offers a number of master's degree programs in the disciplines of Liberal Arts, Business, Health Sciences and Engineering....

University of South Florida

Tampa, United States

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Drew University

Madison, United States

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  • USD 65,266Average Tuition
  • 70%Acceptance Rate

Drew University, established in 1867, is a Liberal Arts institute within the prestigious Phi Beta Kappa Honours system, and located in small town Madison in New Jersey near New York City, USA. The University offers a number of master's degree programs through the Caspersen School of Graduate Studies and Drew Theological School....

Ashland University

Ashland, United States

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  • USD 30,370Average Tuition
  • 73%Acceptance Rate

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Abilene Christian University

Abilene, United States

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  • USD 20,500Average Tuition
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University of Regina

Regina, Canada

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  • USD 8,380Average Tuition
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The University of Regina (U of R) has campuses in Regina and Saskatoon in Saskatchewan, Canada. Home to 10 faculties, U of R offers masters degrees in a wide range of programs....

Gannon University

Erie, United States

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  • USD 18,560Average Tuition
  • 70%Acceptance Rate

Gannon University is a Catholic university located in Erie, Pennsylvania, USA. The university was founded in 1925 and offers master's degree programs in a wide variety of disciplines....

Fresno Pacific University

Fresno, United States

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  • USD 9,960Average Tuition
  • 66.6%Acceptance Rate

Fresno Pacific University (FPU) is a private institution with its main campus located in S. Chestnut Avenue, Fresno, California. FPU offers a wide range of master's degree programs through its five academic schools namely: School of Business; School of Education; School of Humanities, Religion and Social Sciences; School of Natural Sciences; and Fresno Pacific Biblical Seminary....

Sacred Heart University

Fairfield, United States

  • N/ASchoolApply Rank
  • USD 28,200Average Tuition
  • 60%Acceptance Rate

Sacred Heart University (SHU) is the second-largest Catholic university in New England, with its main campus located in Fairfield, Connecticut. SHU offers a wide range of master's degree programs through its seven academic faculties including: Jack Welch College of Business, Isabelle Farrington College of Education, and School of Communication, Media and the Arts....