Masters in Hospitality Management

Master Degree Programs in Hospitality Management

Students typically pursue a Master’s degree after completing a Bachelor’s degree. Most programs require the undergraduate degree to be in the same or a similar field of study to ensure the students is adequately prepared for graduate level study. Most full time students will complete their course within one to two years.

What Is a Master’s Program in Hospitality Management?

A Master’s program in Hospitality Management will gives students a broad overview of topics like finance, effective management, leadership, tourism trends and similar subjects. Students gain a holistic knowledge of the hospitality industry to ensure they become effective managers. Many programs include an internship or field component to their requirements. Expected coursework will likely fall into the following categories:

  • Business Practices: In this course, students learn how businesses are organized and the different components of a healthy business. The course will likely have students study business from the start up period through to the international or corporate level.
  • International Hospitality Strategies: What are the demands of the international hospitality community? How to you cater to individuals from different countries and cultural backgrounds? These questions are answered in this course.
  • Financial Reporting: Students learn how to manage the accounting side of a business. The course focuses on giving students enough knowledge to effectively manage a budget.
  • Travel and Tourism: This industry has it’s own rules, trends and statistics and students will learn how to negotiate this information. From analysis to research, students delve into the travel and tourism industry.

What Are the Benefits of Getting a Master’s in Hospitality Management?

Graduates leave their programs with the skills need to successfully manage a hospitality business. They have the chance to gain some real world experience to help them gain professional experience prior to employment. With their degree, they can expect to see higher salaries and qualify for a greater array of jobs.

What Kind of Career Can You Expect With a Master’s in Hospitality Management?

Fortunately for graduates, a Master’s in Hospitality Management makes professionals highly employable. Hotels, event planning and conference management agencies are top employers for graduates seeking entry-level positions. Common titles for recent graduates of these programs includes:

  • Accommodations Manager: These professionals ensure their establishment’s normal operations run smoothly. They oversee cleanliness, maintenance, budget control and similar issues.
  • Event Organiser: These professionals produces events for fairs, festivals, company promotions, fundraisers and many more. They can work freelance or with an agency the specialise in event organization.
  • Hotel Manager: These managers are responsible for the daily management of hotels and the various staffing departments. They are in charge of budgeting, organization, event planning, training, etc.
  • Tour Manager: In this capacity, professionals plan the itinerary and accommodations of tour groups. They may work within an agency to plan company outings and networking events or they may work directly in tourism.

Are you ready to jumpstart your career in Hospitality Management? If so, it’s time to pursue Master degree programs in Hospitality Management! Find a program that matches your niche interests and will prepare you for the professional challenges ahead of you.