Masters in French

Master's in French

A Master’s program is a graduate course of study in a specialized topic. Typically, students have previous experience in their Master’s subject and seek to deepen their professional skills sets in the area. The length of a master's program varies between countries, institutions and programs of study, but they usually last between one and two years.

What Is a Master’s in French?

To gain entry into a Master’s program in French, students must demonstrate a certain mastery of the language and may benefit from studies related to French culture. Through the program, students develop their conversational proficiency and may have the opportunity to travel abroad. Common coursework includes:

  • Advanced Grammar: Students begin to learn the advanced nuances of the French language. Coursework may delve into particularities of various accents and dialects in the French-speaking world.
  • Professional Conversation: This course gives students the chance to speak French in professional capacities. For instance, students may talk about law, politics and advanced topics to gain vocabularies and conversational ability.  
  • Cultures and Societies of the French Speaking World: In this class, students learn about the cultural connections between various French speaking countries as well as cultural particulars.
  • Teaching Methodology: For those students intending to pursue a career in education, this class gives students the tools needed to break down the French learning process for others.

What Are the Benefits of Getting a Master’s in French?

The Master’s program helps students gain mastery in the French language and topics related to the French-speaking world, but what other advantages do students gain?

  • Increased Salary: A Master’s degree signifies a high level of French language proficiency and frequently results in higher starting salaries. Additionally, higher career salaries are also common.
  • Prepare for Doctorate Programs: A Master’s degree can be one step on the road to a Doctorate in French or French related studies. In fact, most Doctorate programs prefer candidates with Master’s degrees.
  • Build Professional Network: Finding the right position in the job market is made easier when you have a series of professional contacts. Professors, classmates, internship mentors and tutors are all the beginnings of a professional network.

What Kind of Career Can You Expect With a Master’s in French?

With a Master’s in French, many graduates choose to either pursue a Doctorate degree or enter directly into the field with job titles such as:

  • Interpreter: This professional works actively in the field and serves to translate on the spot for clients. In this capacity, many professionals enjoy freelance work or choose to work with an agency.
  • Translator: These professionals focus on translating already written works or recorded videos. Translators will usually translate French into their native language either on a freelance basis or for a company.   
  • Teacher/Professor: Many graduates will move on to become educators. They may teach at advanced secondary schools or highly regarded teaching posts.

Are you considering Master degree programs in French? If you’re excited about the prospects of learning about French in depth, start looking for programs that match your interests and career goals. Begin improving your career and skills today!