Best Master’s in English

Master’s in English

A Master’s in English is an advanced, graduate-level course of study in which students are given the opportunity to engage in the comprehensive, rigorous study of the English language. Studies focus on how the language is used today as well as how it has been used in the past. This often includes an in-depth study of the literature, linguistics, creative writing and other related fields. The broad-based applications in which the skills learned in this discipline can be applied make these graduates the ideal choice for many different careers in an exceptionally wide array of industries.

What is a Master’s in English?

Master’s in English programs are generally designed with many of the same key goals in mind. They aim to build upon the basic knowledge students gained in an undergraduate program, and may allow students to specialise in a particular English-related area. However, the individual goals and requirements for each program are set by the university, so there may be some differences from university to university around the world.

The first step to completing a Master’s in English program is to meet the core requirements set by the program. These requirements often include a particular number of credit units fulfilled in specific areas. For example, a program may require students to pass 6 credit hours of English linguistics and 12 credits of literature. Some of the most common courses and topics covered include:

  • English composition
  • American and English literature
  • Literary history
  • Linguistics
  • Rhetorical theory
  • Literary study methods

At some universities, students may be given the opportunity to focus their studies on one specific area. This concentration of their coursework allows them to become experts in that area. Some common concentrations in the field of English include:

  • American literature
  • British literature
  • Editing
  • English linguistics
  • Creative Writing

Whether core requirements or electives, these courses are often given in the traditional lecture, seminar and lab formats.

Upon completion of most of the required coursework, students may be asked to fulfill a thesis requirement or another type of research capstone project. These culminating projects show graduate faculty that students have gained all of the skills required to demonstrate their expertise and ability in the required subject areas.

What Are the Benefits of Getting a Master’s in English?

When students choose to engage in master’s programs in English, they are given the opportunity to gain exceptional insight, knowledge and critical thinking skills. These skills are highly desired in a variety of industries, so graduates are better positioned to receive job offers than their peers who do not have graduate-level training. Students may also experience the following benefits:

  • Greater opportunities for increased salaries.
  • Opportunity to learn from celebrated minds at some of the best universities in the world.
  • Ability for further education in pursuit of a PhD.

What Kind of Career Can You Expect With a Master’s in English?

The career applications of a Master’s in English are diverse. Students can choose to become journalists, creative writers, freelance writers, teachers and human resource managers. They may also find success as public relations managers and fiction writers.

Keeping in mind your career goals, search the available programs to determine which will help you on the path to your desired future.