Top Master’s in English Literature Programs

Master’s in English Literature

A Master’s in English Literature is a graduate-level field of study in which students are prepared to meet the expectations required in a variety of career paths in English-related fields. As a program that is offered around the world, international students who choose this field are given a unique opportunity to learn about English literature, history and culture. With the critical thinking, analytical and research skills students gain in this type of course, they can find that these skills translate well into a variety of industries and positions.

What is a Master’s in English Literature?

Master degree programs in English Literature are usually created as research degrees. Students are therefore expected to engage in significant, contributory research during their time in the program. To help students accomplish this task, they can expect to take supporting coursework in many different English literature-related areas. Typical course topics include:

  • Historical English periods.
  • Literary movements.
  • History of criticism.
  • Linguistics.
  • Significant authors.
  • Literary theory.

Some programs may allow students to gain expertise in one or more topics relating to English Literature. For example, students at some universities may be allowed to choose a particular English author or time period on which they can focus their studies. This niche specialisation can help them increase their attractiveness to potential employers and PhD programs.

Programs may also have additional graduate requirements in addition to course credit. Many Master’s in English Literature programs require students to demonstrate proficiency in reading and/or writing in a second language. Additionally, students may be expected to attend certain seminars, complete a graduate essay, and produce a publishable thesis.

What Are the Benefits of Getting a Master’s in English Literature?

When students choose to pursue a Master’s in English Literature, they are given significant opportunities that other students may not experience. Many programs enlist some of the most celebrated minds in the field to hold conferences, seminars and workshops for graduate students. Top critics, professors and novelists are often asked to teach, so students have the incredible benefit of learning from some of the best possible mentors and role models.

Students are also much more attractive to potential employers than competitors who do not have a master’s degree. This can also lead them to receive a greater salary as well as find better placement in a competitive PhD program.

What Kind of Career Can You Expect With a Master’s in English Literature?

Career options for Master’s in English Literature graduates are diverse. The strong written and oral communication skills required for success in these programs translates well to positions within the publishing and media industries. This can lead to careers in public relations, journalism, and magazine publishing. Students are well-equipped with the skills necessary to find success as news blog writers, advertisers, editors, promotors and managers. Many students choose to use their skills as college educators, researchers and writers. Others choose to enter the public sector as civil service workers, administrators, government workers and members of the armed forces.

With additional education, students can also go on to rewarding careers in law, philosophy, business and primary or secondary education. No matter what program students choose to pursue, they can find something that fits their needs at one of the university programs around the world.