Master’s in Economics

Master’s in Economics

A Master’s in Economics is a degree awarded at the graduate level that is designed to provide training and knowledge in the field of economics. It may be a terminal degree for some, but it is commonly offered as a path or preparatory curriculum for doctoral study in the field. Core coursework is typically in subjects such as microeconomics, macroeconomics and econometrics. Students who select a more specialized focus, such as economic software or mathematics, can expect their coursework to reflect their emphases.

What is a Master’s in Economics?

Schools around the world offer a Master’s of Economics degree to students interested in the way money, commerce and financial markets interact with the world around us. At the graduate level, students can expect to take on rigorous coursework that is challenging and complex. Examples of courses that may be in the program’s curriculum include these:

  • Economic Policy Analysis.
  • Advanced Econometrics.
  • Mathematics and Economics.
  • Applied International Economics.
  • Economic Data Analysis.

These courses build on the foundation of knowledge students gain from an undergraduate economics program. More focused coursework can be found in the curriculum for a program’s specializations.

What Are the Benefits of Earning a Master’s in Economics?

A Master’s in Economics is one of the best investments for students who aspire to enter financial professions. Courses provide the opportunity to study at the theoretical level and internships allow students to put that theory into practice. There are a number of other benefits to enrolling in a Master’s in Economics program:

  • A Master’s in Economics can qualify you to work in the financial sector in prestigious positions.
  • Earning an accredited Master’s degree can prepare you for further study at the doctorate level.
  • Classes allow you to learn directly from experts in the field who have successful careers.
  • Earning a Master’s may make you eligible for higher-paying positions than you would otherwise be.

A Master’s in Economics is beneficial to anybody building a career in the financial or economic sectors. With a specialization that suits your goals, you can use it to bolster your profile and prospects in the field.

What Kind of Career Can You Expect With a Master’s in Economics?

A Master’s in Economics is an ideal degree for students interested in working as economic analysts, bankers, financial consultants or professors in economics. Each of these professions is a potential path for graduates. There is not necessarily a single profession that most graduates aim for.

If you pursue work as an economic analyst, you can put the knowledge earned in your program to direct use. Some of the job duties may include these:

  • Conduct economic research
  • Compile reports on findings
  • Formulate solutions to problems
  • Develop fiscal policy
  • Process data to develop statistics

These are just a few ways you might use knowledge from a Master’s in Economics to build a career.

If you are interested in earning your Master’s in Economics, and wondering where to start, you can begin by researching school. Many universities in the UK, US and the rest of the world offer the program.