Top Schools for Master’s in Zoology in Canada

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If you have a deep appreciation for animals and the environment, you should earn a Master’s in Zoology from a Canadian school. This graduate programme will help you understand the most advanced concepts of animal biology and physiology. A heavy emphasis will be placed on research, and many students will have a chance to specialise in a specific branch of zoology. Ecology, genetics, natural history, and animal behavior are some of the most common areas of specialisations in Canada.

What is a Master’s in Zoology?

In order to gain entry into a master’s programme, you will need to possess a bachelor’s degree in the same subject. Some schools may also require students to write a thesis or dissertation on a particular topic prior to graduation. Graduate zoology students may also engage in the following activities.

  • Take courses in microbiology, evolutionary biology, biochemistry, and animal reproduction and development.
  • Perform clinical research in order to understand the nature of common animal diseases.
  • Attend lectures and seminars taught by leading authorities in the zoology field.
  • Take examinations and complete other assignments as needed.

These are just a few of the most common activities, and you should contact your school of choice for more information. Some programmes may even offer students the chance to study animals in their natural habitats.

What Are the Benefits of Getting a Master’s in Zoology in Canada?

There are numerous benefits associated with earning a graduate zoology degree in Canada. Many of these benefits will have a major impact on your professional life, but some are personal as well. Here are some of the most common benefits of studying zoology abroad in Canada.

  • If you are concerned about your financial state, earning a degree can increase your income. Individuals with graduate degrees earn considerably more than those who do not have a university education.
  • Canada is a highly developed and educated nation. This means that you will be able to enrol in some of the most respected zoology programmes in the world. You will also be instructed by well-qualified individuals.
  • If you want to earn a doctorate, you will need a master’s first. Virtually every Canadian postgraduate programme requires students to possess a master’s in order to gain entry.
  • Students with master’s degrees will have access to higher level jobs that offer more autonomy and advancement opportunities. This can greatly increase your degree of professional satisfaction.

There are many benefits of earning a Master’s in Zoology, but there are outside factors that will impact your career. If you choose to leave Canada, the zoology field may be radically different in the country you move to. The current job market and the economy will also have an impact on the benefits you encounter.

What Kind of Career Can You Expect With a Master’s in Zoology?

As with any student, you are probably concerned about career prospects. Zoology is a very diverse field and students who earn a master’s will have their pick of jobs. Many zoology majors choose to work in a clinical or research setting. These individuals perform research on the biological and chemical processes that occur within animals. These people may be affiliated with various universities and research facilities.

If you are interested in working with animals directly, you may decide to become a conservationist or field researcher. These individuals travel to remote locations in order to observe animals in person. They may record footage, and they frequently collect specimens. Conservationists help communities and nations preserve natural habitats around the world. They advise government officials on how to increase the population of endangered species, and coexist peacefully with wildlife. Field scientists and conservationists may also:

  • Write books or publish material in academic journals.
  • Advise local populations on how to deal with invasive or problematic species.
  • Bring attention to environmental and ecological issues.
  • Study the impact of human settlement and population growth on animals.

Many individuals who major in zoology choose to work as veterinarians. Earning a veterinarian degree takes several years, but the zoology curriculum serves as a strong foundation. These workers help diagnose animals and treat a variety of illnesses and injuries. They may work in private practices or find employment with zoos and other institutions.

Other career paths include:

  • Science teacher
  • Zookeeper or administrator
  • Animal rights activist

Zoology is a popular field, so you will need to contact a Canadian master’s programme quickly if you wish to enroll.