Master’s in Zoology Schools in the UK

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Master’s in Zoology in the UK – Expand Your Understanding in This Field The Master’s in Zoology degree is a postgraduate program that expands an individual’s knowledge in the field of animal biology.

A degree in zoology is a way to take advantage of your interest in animals and their welfare. Work in this field can be exciting and offer unique experiences beyond the office or lab. Students seeking postgraduate education in zoology may be required to possess a Bachelor’s degree in a closely related subject.

What Is a Master’s in Zoology?

In the world of biological science, the Master’s of Zoology degree focuses on the study of animal physiology and biology. Studies in this topic also address biodiversity and an animal’s environment. Ecology, evolution, cellular structure and neurobiology are also topics studied within a zoology program.

Many students in a zoology postgraduate course of study have some experience or a strong understanding of general biology beforehand. Students in programs leading to a degree in zoology aim to complete research and work to help the planet’s animals. Leading universities in the UK that have postgraduate programs in zoology or related topics are the University of Cambridge, Bangor University and Imperial College London.
Most students are able to complete their studies for a Master’s in Zoology degree in approximately one year or two if a part-time student. Program participants often spend much of their time conducting biological research and experiments. Students in colleges that have zoology departments are typically joining a tight-knit community of scientists. Some coursework may focus on specific parts of the field that are more specialised.

Here are some general courses that may be included in your study of zoology:

Zoology Principles: Students work to understand animal physiology, development, behaviour and reproduction.
Marine Biology: Animals from the ocean are studied in a course focused on this topic, including mammals, coral reefs, fish and invertebrates.
Ecology: Students learn about animal environments and habitat conditions that allow creatures to thrive.
Animal Behaviour: Animal communication and social groups are analysed to understand how behaviours come about.
Thesis Research: Before graduation, many programs require students to complete a research project with evidence supported from lab work.

What Are the Benefits of Getting a Master’s in Zoology in the UK?

Working towards a Master’s in Zoology gives students many top critical thinking and analysis skills. Students additionally get stronger in conducting accurate research with the amount of time spent in the lab. Additionally, you get a better chance of being employed in a coveted job working with animals. There are also opportunities to be well paid with this degree. Finally, you also get to understand the creatures on the planet in a new way.

What Kind of Career Can You Expect With a Master’s in Zoology?

With a Master’s in Zoology degree, you may be able to do some work related to animals or some other biological science.

You could also go into the education industry if you want. Working in private industry is a possibility if that is part of your career goals. Graduates who aim to continue working towards their doctorate degree in a related field may find programs are more open if you have a Master’s degree. Many graduates could begin working as a zoologist or specialist in a zoo or wildlife park with this degree. Marine biologists may find positions at aquariums around the world with the expert knowledge gained from this program.
There are a number of non-profit foundations in the world that employ biologists or zoologists in research or field experience positions. These positions help the world get a better understanding of animals or help conserve endangered or threatened species.  Scientists with zoological expertise may be able to work in research positions related to public health and the testing of treatments on animals.
The agricultural industry may also have a need for those with a Master’s in Zoology. If you want to be a science teacher, this program can help give you the necessary scientific background for teaching secondary school. A final career path may be further into academia.
Students may elect to continue working in science to get a doctorate in the field and either research or teach at the college level.
Getting your Master’s in Zoology may do wonderful things for your budding career in animal biology or science. You can do more to reach your goals for a high salary and a satisfying job.